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VegPeel PRO™


Revolutionary Peeler Makes Peeling Effortless & Mess Free

Never use a regular peeler again! VegPeel PRO is the peeler for faster food prep with minimum mess.

Peeling with VegPeel PRO™ feels like hot knife through butter. Smooth, friction free and satisfying.

Fast & Easy Peeling That Feels Friction-less

Thanks to it's patented design, peels goes into the barrel and does not get in the way of the blades, making each stroke feel smooth and effortless.

Ergonomic handle, ultra sharp jagged blade and resistance free peeling makes it a big time saver in the kitchen.

Ergonomic Design

Large streamlined design makes peeling action smooth and very comfortable. Great For Arthritis Hands.

Durable & Wear Resistance

Designed with durability in mind, the jagged blades requires no sharpening, replacement or maintenance and is designed to stay sharp for years.

Food Grade Materials

VegPeel PRO™ is made of durable ABS, combined with quality 304 stainless steel blades which is 100% rust-proof.

The ABS is non-toxic and BPA Free guaranteeing healthy meals for your family, and dishwasher safe.

**Guaranteed sharpness and smooth peel or your money back no questions asked


Material: 304 Stainless Steel + ABS

Weight: 115 g