Finally! A Solution To Unsanitary Mouthwash Cups

The 720 faucet attachment is easy to install and works on all faucet.

It making gargling, rinsing your face or basin cleaning really convenient (great for washing away beard shaves).

Plus, it is proven in a 30 days experiment to save 32.5 - 74.5% more water in 18 household of 5 family members.

No more putting mouldy water into your mouth and start saving water today!

Dual Spray Modes

Bubble & Sprinkle mode for gargling and washing the basin.

Universal Fitting

Simply untighten your old faucet head and replace with new.

2 Rotatable Joints

This design gives you a total of 720 degrees of rotation.

Water Saving Bubbler

Save up to 74% more water with the improved faucet bubbler.

How Many Faucet Attachments Do I Need?

We recommend purchasing 3, one for the kitchen, two for each bathrooms. 

This is to ensure that you save the most amount of water and make cleaning reach to reach corners of the sink or basin easy.

Plus, we offer an attractive discount when you order at least 3

Rated 4.8/5 by organization gurus

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Shipping work?

When you place an order with us, we'll process your order within 2-3 working days. You'll receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number. We ship worldwide typically within 1-3 weeks depending on your region and custom clearance. We deliver to the USA within 7-15 days

Does this work on my faucet?

Yes, this is an all in 1 faucet aerator head that works for all household faucets

What is The Product Specification?

Net weight: 85g

Size:15*8*5 (cm) /5.9 *3.1* 2 (in)


Material: Copper+ABS

Rated 4.8/5 by organization gurus

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