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Acupuncture Pen

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  • Have you thought about treating your chronic body aches and pains with acupuncture but are afraid of being punctured with needles?

    Melt the Pain away in just minutes with our acupuncture pen, a painless acupuncture-type stimulation which uses electric pulse to promote blood circulation, detox the meridians and reduce muscle pain.


  • Needleless Acupuncture - Simply use the pen on affected areas to promote healing, reduce proinflammatory markers, raise your pain threshold and rapidly reliefs pain.
  • A Natural Stress Reducer - Use it on the forehead at low strength setting to calm the mood and destress.
  • Safe for Daily Use- Approved by the FDA and recommended by Chiropractors, Acupuncture pen is safe and has no side effect even with daily use. 

  • Relief pain where you need it - Every order comes with a step by step manual that'll help you find your meridian points and which to stimulate for the various conditions.

  • Portable Pain Reliever - Lightweight and small, you can keep one in your pocket and use it whenever you need to get rid of pain.

  • Easy To Setup and Use- All you need is a single AA Battery to power the device. It also comes with 9 strength levels for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Acupuncture Pen safe to use? 
A: Yes, it is FDA approved and recommended by Chiropractors

Q: How does it work?
A:  It Stimulates the meridian points to get rid of pro inflammatory proteins in the body while increasing pain tolerance.

Q: Can I use it on my face?
A: Yes! Only use the Acupuncture Pen with the Dome Head included in the package which gives a relaxing facial massage to increase blood flow, increase skin tightness, and combat wrinkling.

* If you have a pacemaker, use of this product is not recommended!