Magic Broom Dustpan

Sweep the Dust and hair off the floor without them sticking to your broom! This magic broom will trap dust, lint and hair to prevent them from flying out.

  • NO MORE FRUSTRATION- The built in comb will scrape off hair, lint and dust off the broom head easily and conveniently so you don't have to use your hand to pluck them off one by one.
  • HELPS YOU SWEEP FASTER: Soft rubber lip seamlessly adheres to the ground, creates a strong seal between floor and dustpan. Sweeping the floor without leaking ash, without leaving any small debris and dust.
  • 180 ROTATION BROOM - Reach the underneath of your furnitures and table easily with the rotatable broom head.
  • NO MORE AWKWARD BENDOVER: The dustpan and broomstick consist of 2 and 3 segments respectively. you can choose the right length that is suited to your height. The long handle allows you to clean while standing upright without bending over, which, reduces the chance of back aches.
  • FOLDABLE STAND-UP STORAGE : Just clip the broom to the dustpan plastic handle for upright storage. It can be stored in the gaps of refrigerators, sinks, washing machines, etc. to save space and keep your home or work space clean and tidy.