Pain Relief Heel Cushion

  • Imagine not having to deal with shoes slipping off your foot or heels getting rubbed raw...

    Say Goodbye To Blisters & Bleeding 
    Cushy heel pads will protect your heels from pain, blisters and calluses.

    Walk Comfortably All Night 
    Super soft padding keeps your feet comfortable so you can have a great time.

     Save Your Favorite Pair Of Shoes
    Finally, you can wear that pair of shoes that were too big or felt too uncomfortable.

    Guaranteed to keep your feet comfortable and pain free or you money back, no questions asked

Product Highlights

Easy To Install & Strong Adhesion

Our heel protectors have a sticky backing, which keeps them in place.

Simply remove the adhesive backing and place heel inserts for women onto the inside heel of the shoe and press firmly.

Shoe Size Reducer

Designed to fit the contour of the heel section of the shoe. Shoe inserts for women will reduce about 1/2-ish of sizes in shoes.

This makes the shoes slight tighter but without causing any discomfort.

Fits Any Type Of Shoes

Works on any high heels, flats, pumps, and boots to protect your heels against rubbing, blister and pain.