Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

Window Thickness

Struggle to clean the outside of your window? This magnetic window wiper cleans the other side of the window safely and thoroughly.

Try the Double-sided Magnetic Window Cleaner Triangular shaped magnetic glass wiper, with its strong magnet, it locks the two cleaning sides together to give you a comprehensive window cleaning inside out.

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL WINDOWS: Pick from the 3 magnetic glass cleaner depending on the thickness of your window. Please pick the correct variation to prevent it from falling off.
  • ALL IN ONE DURABLE CLEANING TOOL: The magnetic window cleaner comes with a soap water storage compartment, a sponge and a squeegee for drying. No need for bucket of water and soap!
  • SAFE TO USE: The Window Cleaner Wiper comes with 2m long safe anti-falling rope, when you use this magnetic glass cleaner, the rope will be tied to your hand, to prevent falling off the window, giving you a stable and safe cleaning experience.