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Elastic Food Cover (100 pcs)

  • Say Goodbye To Saran Wraps! These Elastic Food Covers Make Covering Leftovers A Snap!

    Seal leftovers to keep dust and bugs out of your food at home and outdoors.

    Covers any bowl or plate instantly easily without the hassle of saran wraps.

    A quick & easy replacement for missing food container lids.

Product Highlights

One Size Fits All

These food covers stretch over any container, bowl plate and tray for storing leftovers from 15 cm up to 45 cm in diameter or length.

Perfect for food plate,large salad bowl, bread pans, pie plates, dessert pans, mixing bowls, casseroles, meal prep containers, small cups, saucers, large picnic bowls and lasagna trays.

Food Safe & Reusable Material

These stretchable covers are made from virgin LDPE plastic that is 100% non toxic and BPA free.

They can used with your microwave bowl hugger or as a lid for food storage in your freezer.

Strong Elastic

Strong elastic edges can seals around any materials that regular plastic wrap or aluminium foil will not cling to.

A great alternative to plastic wrap for large salad bowls, plates, cups, dishes, and bread pans.

Multi-purpose Use

Perfect and safe for family gatherings, picnics, or when transporting plates of food to a potluck dinner or BBQ.

They can also can be used as shower caps, spray paint protection for furniture and more.