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Hand Pull Vegetable Chopper

Slicing and Dicing can be a chore that isn't fun to everyone, from stinky garlic hands to onions tears and tons of dishes to wash at the end.

Introducing PuChop, the Fastest Food Slicer you'll ever use. It will slice and dice any ingredient you throw at it in seconds without making a mess in your kitchen.

vegetable chopper

  • Ultra Sharp Blades - Slice and Dice through food cleanly without pureeing or smashing them into pulp
  • Easy to Store - Unlike most bulky food processor, PuChop is lightweight and can be stored inside your kitchen cabinet when not in use
  • Controlled Cut Size  - Unlike Electric Food Blenders, PuChop enables you to chop food to the size you need with precise control, no more over cutting your ingredients!
  • EASY TO CLEAN- With only the blade shaft and container to wash, you can have your meal prep done even faster!