Triangular Sink Strainer

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  • Dinner clean up made easy! This easy to install strainer will keep the plumber away and ensures that your sink stays clog free.

    Ultra fine strainer stops food from clogging the sink.

    Simpler food disposal, no more digging out food pieces manually.

    Nano tape provided for easy and long lasting installation.

Product Highlights


The fine mesh of this kitchen sink protector captures all small food particles that would normally slide through the other common filter.

Multi Functional Strainer

This removable strainer can be use to filter out food waste to prevent sink clog as well as to be used as a drain basket for fruits and vegetables.


Fits all Square Sinks

Designed in a triangular shape to fit all square sinks without taking up extra sink space.

Easy To Install & Remove

All Installation tools will be provided, the nano tape is a super strong adhesion that will keep your strainer in place all the time.

It will not leave any marks on your sink, so you can remove it whenever you need.