Silicone Back Scrub

Sky Blue
Cherry Pink
Lilac Purple
  • Deeply exfoliate your back with our comfortable, easy to use silicone body scrubber.

    It deeply cleanses your pores, remove dirt, excess sebum and dead skin, making it a great brush for preventing back & shoulder acne.

    - We recommend one for each household members
    - Buy 3 and get Free Shipping

Product Highlight

  • STRETCHABLE DESIGN - Suitable for all heights, the stretchable design makes it easy to scrub your back, neck, shoulders, feet and hard to reach area.

  • DOUBLE ACTION SCRUB - The brush side is used for deeply cleaning your skin while the elliptical side is great for massage.

  • DURABLE & HYGIENIC - Unlike loofah, our uniquely designed silicone brush is free of BPA, can resist high temperature and does not collect bacteria.