Wall Plant Fixture Clips


"I loved this product too good and easy to use. My plant stems are now so well organized and looks nice"

Turn Messy Overgrown Plants Into Beautiful Work Of Art

Here's a quick and simple solution for climbing wall plants or cables that were getting out of hand.

Easy to install, no nails or drill, just peel off the adhesive protection, paste it onto any relatively smooth flat surface and just buckle up the stems. 


They blend in with the plant so it isn't noticeable, you can adjust your plant such that it gets sufficient sunlight.

Waterproof and corrosion resistant, these clips are perfect for indoor and outdoor plants. You can be sure that these will last a long time.

Sticky and powerful adhesive that does not fall off easily and are damage free. Available in white and green, these adhesive camouflage into the surrounding and does not stand out, giving your plantation a natural look.


  • Material: ABS Resin + 3M Adhesive
  • Size 20 x 12 mm
  • Color White/Green

Guaranteed to turn your home into a beautiful garden or your money back guaranteed. Drop us an email at support@homewhis.com for help.