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3 Tier Cabinet Organizer

  • With the 3 tier cabinet organizer, you layer your favourite spice and seasoning, keeping their label in view so you can find them easily.

    You may use the organizer as a spice holder, to hold your cosmetics, kitchen cups, toys plants and so much more!

    The possibilities are endless!

Product Highlight

  • PRACTICAL ORGANIZER - Instantly add more space to your kitchen cabinets and pantries.

  • EXCELLENT PANTRY ORGANIZER - Spice shelf is 2.75" deep, which is perfect for organizing spices, soup or vegetable cans, sauces and more.

  • VERSATILE USES -  Use outside the kitchen to organize cosmetics, perfume, skincare products, figurines, office supplies and in any other way you like.

  • STURDY DURABLE RELIABLE - Our Organizer is made from durable, long-lasting plastic with non-slip shelf lining.