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About Us

Hi! Welcome to Homewhis.com, I am Nancy, the CEO and founder of Homewhis.

I've been a professional organizer and a sales manager for over a decade working for a big corporation in the United States.

3 years ago, I've decided to start my own blog that aimed at helping working stay home mums keep their homes clean and organized through free tips and dollar store hacks.

The blog received lots of positive feedback which encouraged me to start Homewhis.com and bring organizers into every home of America at the best prices and value.

Today, we sell over 200 organization products and we have happy customers in the USA, UK, Europe and Southeast Asia.


The Passion That Fuels Us

"Before, my home was always cluttered with things and when my family and i got back home, it's always that depressing mood that we got. Reading Homewhis's blog has given me ideas that wouldn't have thought of and their organizers were really helpful when to comes to keeping my bathroom and kitchen organized."  - Taylor

Everyday customers have send us emails like these to tell us that our products have changed the way they feel about their home for the better. 

When they come home from work, they feel happy and motivated to spend time cooking for the family, being a great wife and mum.

All these encouraging words motivates us to do better every single day.


We Treat Every Customer Like Our Family

There's a good chance that you've bought this online and they are of bad quality or they simply do not work and we get that!

So before we ship any product out, we made sure that every product is in pristine condition and is what we would be happy to receive if we were the customer.

And in the case you are not completely satisfied with the items you've bought whether it's comp ability, preference or any reasons, we will gladly replace or refund your order

From product design, testing, to opening your first order with us - we aim to make your journey memorable, painless and giving you the support you need for a better you.


Why Buy From Us?

  • Fast Customer Support
  • Secured Payment Methods
  • Best Prices Guarantee
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Every Order is Traceable


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