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4pcs Closet Undergarment Organizer

Rose red
  • Finally! The Organizer To Keep Undies Neat, Tidy & Easy To Find

  • ✔️ Makes It Easier To Find Stuffs
    No more rummaging around trying to find the mate to a sock.

    ✔️ Maximize Storage Space
    This organizer will utilise every corner of your drawers so you can store more.

    ✔️ Organized Drawer At All Times
    This product is a system that keeps your closet and drawers organized 24/7 without trying

    Guaranteed to keep your dresser drawer neat and tidy at all times so you never have to waste time looking for stuffs again.

    Product Features

    Washable & Mold Proof

    Made with non-woven fabric, it is 100% mold free 

    Foldable To Save Sapce

    When not in used, they can be folded, flattened and stored away to save space

    Product Size:

    Dimension:12" X 6" X 4-1/4"H for 6 cell and 8 cell bins

    Dimension:12" X 12" X 4-1/4"H for 7 cell and 24 cell bins

    Product Package:

    The item includes 4 bins: 6 cell(scarves, ties), 8 cell(underwear, briefs, ties), 7 cell(bra), 24 cell(socks)