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Folding Trash Can

  • The Trash Can For Kitchen With Limited Counter Space

    Say Goodbye to messy sink and countertop during meal prep.

    The folding trash can is the perfect solution for keeping your kitchen clean and clutter free.

    Simply hang it on any cabinet doors or drawer to dispose trash while cooking. When done, fold the trash can to save a ton of space.

    No more making multiple trips to the trash can and causing drippy mess all over the kitchen floor.

    Highly recommended for RV kitchen sink and small kitchen with little to no countertop space.

Product Highlights

  • SAVE SPACE IN THE KITCHEN – No more trash can in the under sink cabinet or on the kitchen floor. Simply hang the folding bin on any lower cabinet door, or drawers and fold it up when not in used.

  • KEEP YOUR KITCHEN ORGANIZED - No more cluttered and messy countertop, trash bag lying around or tripping over trash can in the kitchen.  Get rid of trash instantly and keep the kitchen neat & tidy 24/7.

  • HANG IT ANYWHERE  Attach the kitchen bin to kitchen door, kitchen cabinet, back of car seat or place it on the bathroom or office floor. The folding bin can be placed on the ground and be used as a regular bin as well.