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3 in 1 Silicone Caulking Tools

The Tool That Makes Caulking Fun & Easy

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "It seems like every time I caulked in the past, it never quite got smooth. This tool helps to easily smooth the joint. It works like a squeegee in getting off extra caulking from unintended places. Removing old caulking was easy and i already did 3 places in the house already!".

✔️ Caulking Projects Made Easy
Removing caulk is fast and mess free. Applying caulk is smooth.

✔️ Beautiful Looking Caulk
All in 1 tool to improve the aesthetics of your home in seconds.

✔️ Save Time & Money
No more wastage of sealant and no need for masking tapes.

Easy And Convinent

Moisture, soap scum and other types of deposits are inevitable. Removing that old caulk without the right tool can be a tedious job.

Our stainless steel scraper makes removing the toughest caulking fast and easy.

Our product ensures that caulking is done efficiently and professionally, resulting in radiantly fresh bathrooms, kitchens and other household areas

Multifunctional sealant tool for corners

Applying and removing caulk is a common job, but one that is often messed up. The silicone sealant tool ensures professional results.

HIGH QUALITY - scraper made of plastic secured with stainless steel. Durable, no sharp protrusions, waterproof and solvent resistant.

SIMPLE TO USE & HANDY - using this tool you save half the time to remove the old dried-in sealant.

IDEAL TOOL - ideal for corners, showers, windows. The smart size makes this tool suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and adheres well to almost all surfaces.

NO WASTING OF SEALANT- excess sealant can be collected on a silicone pad.
SHARP ANGLE - the scraper can be used on dried sealant. The flat stainless steel part does not scratch hard surfaces.


With the included 5 nozzles in different sizes, you can achieve that professional look without stress!

The different sizes ensure a clean finish on a wide variety of surfaces. No matter what surface you are sealing on, you can easily complete your project with this silicone sealant tool!