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Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Cloth


Clean accidental spills or greasy stains with ultra absorbent microfiber cloth.

  • SHED FREE - Microfiber cleaning cloth are constructed with Velvet,coral fluff super soft, no scratch, won't shed lint. Quickly cleans oil stains, ultra absorbent, and dries quickly, making it the best replacement for regular rags.

  • SCRATCH FREE CLEANING These Ultra soft cloths will not scratch Paints, Coats, Glass, or any surface! Strongly removes grease attached to dishes, sinks, and bathtubs Gentle enough to be used as a washcloth for your hands and face.

  • DURABLE & REUSABLE - Natural material, without any chemicals, to ensure your health and safety. Can be reused Hundreds of times! These cloth do not get stained and can be cleaned very easily, requiring almost zero maintenance.

  • USE THEM FOR ANYTHING - This cleaning cloth towels suitable for daily washing/drying dishes, household cleaning, dusting of kitchens,furniture, toilets, glass, cars, etc.