Automatic LED Closet Light

6 LED Warm White
6 LED Cool White
10 LED Warm White
10 LED CoolWhite
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Need to get a drink at night or head downstairs without turning on the lights? 

Have a dark closet or kitchen cabinet where no light can penetrate and has no power source?

Introducing MotionLight the most versatile night light. It illuminates the dark when motion is detected, turns off automatically when you don't need it and is very easy to install.

  • SMART SENSOR - Turns on when movement is detected in the dark and stays off during the day so you can save on battery when you aren't using it.
  • NO DRILLING OR MESSY WORK - Every Motionlight comes with a 3M tape that'll make installation or dismounting super easy and versatile.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN - The built in magnetic mount makes it easy to detach the entire unit for easy battery replacement and cleaning.
  • ULTRA BRIGHT - At least 3X Brighter than the other similar lights, MotionLight provides enough light to ensure that you never stumble in the dark.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the useful life of the LED?
At least 50,000 hours

Q: Can i use it outdoors?
Yes, but please avoid placing in places where it can get wet or is damp.

Q: How often do i need to replace the Batteries?
With Regular use, you'll only need to change them every 3 months