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Contour Duplication Gauge

  • Trying to duplicate profiles and contours on your woodworking or auto body projects?

    The Contour Duplication Gauge can be used to measure the shape of irregular profiles to create an instant template for marking cuts precisely.

    It conforms to shape and holds its pattern, making it a useful tool for woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel and more

Product Highlights

  • Designed for pipes, circular frames, ducts and many other objects
  • Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc.
  • Easy to use- Simply press the tooth against the object to match the contour and then track/trace the shape.
  • Features ruler markings to make measuring and cutting easier
  • Includes a magnet which can stick to iron products
  • Made of high quality, strong, durable and anti-rust plastic material
  • Professional tool for commercial or home use

With the help of our Contour Duplication Gauge you can draw the profile on your projects or copy it onto another surface with little to no effort. You get perfectly measured and duplicated contours every single time!