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LintHero™ - Portable Lint Remover



So, which is worse: lint on clothes or lint on upholstery?

It really doesn't matter because lint never looks good.

When materials rub together (particularly cotton, linen and wool) loose bits of fabric fiber – called lint – can build up.

The best way to remove lint includes using a lint roller or picking it off the fabric with sticky tape that’s been wrapped around your hand.

The LintHero™ is the #1 rated tool for your carpets, car, clothes, furniture, bedding, upholstery & more.

Why Do I Need This?

  • Save Money - Did you know 58% of clothes & fabrics with fuzz or pilling end up being thrown away? Save money on replacing old, tired carpets, bedding & clothes, plus, no more throwing out endless non-recyclable sticky lint paper. 

  • Look Magnificent - Restore your clothes, carpet, furniture, and fabrics to an excellent condition- like when you first got them.

  • One Time Only Solution - No need to replace any parts, dispose of anything, or ever buy another. This was built to last, that’s why we include a lifetime warranty with every order. You'll be handing it down to your grand-kids.

  • Pet Owners Celebrate - A true no-brainer for pet owners. Pet hair can be a nightmare to remove from fabrics. Vacuuming is tiresome, slow, and ineffective. The LintHero™ is small, fast, and easy to use. Perfect to remove hair from the carpet, sofa, bedding, and car! You'll be amazed at just how much hair your vacuum misses. 🐶🐱 

  • Great for cleaning your clothing, bedding, furniture, and car upholstery;

Works best for:

  • Carpets
  • Furniture Fabrics
  • Rugs
  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Clothes
  • Car Seats & Floor
  • Home Floor / Bathroom / Car Mats
  • Any non-knitted fabric


1. Drag your LintHero™ across the fabric while applying a little pressure.

2. The copper teeth are designed to only remove any excess material or bobbles from the fabric.

3. Collect all the hair, fluff, fuzz & pills, and throw them away.

4. Your fabric is now looking great again! 

Bring them all back to a fresh, brand-new condition just like when they were new!

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Portable Lint Remover


 Will this work on pet hair/fluff embedded in the carpet, car, clothing, sofa, etc?

- Yes, it is designed to solve problems associated with dust or lint.

I want to use it on my pet. Is the effect good?

No This is not to be used on PETS. 

Can this be used on couches?

- it depends on the couch material. I used it on mine and it didn't damage the fabric. (mine is linen)

Why Is LintHero™ The Best Choice?

✓ Best Portable Lint Remover(More Safe and Effective compared to others)
✓ Best Investment for you!
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