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Homewhis Drill Free Cabinet Organizer


  • The Drill Free Basket to Increase Storage Space & Stay Organized

    Declutter your cabinet, pantry, RV, bathroom counter and stay organized with the drill free baskets.

    They are perfect for organizing small items such as instant coffee sachet, spice bottle, food packages, shampoos and cleaning supplies to keep your home looking neat and clean at all times.

    Easy to install and remove. To remove, heat the adhesives pad with a hair dryer and it will comes off cleanly without leaving residue behind.


Product Highlights

  • More Storage Space - Installs in minutes, these punch free baskets will instantly provide you with the space you need to stay organized in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom and just about anywhere in the house.
  • Sturdy & Durable - The adhesive pads that come with the basket can hold up to 20lbs of items when installed on any flat and smooth surfaces. In addition, the shelves are ultra rigid and able to resist deformation.
  • Waterproof & Rust Free - They are great for bathroom use even with constant bathroom steam or direct water exposure, the adhesive will not loosen it's grip and the stay will not turn rusty.