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Nano Tape – Reusable Double Sided Adhesive

Width & Thickness
  • Mount photo frame and stuffs on the wall Instantly without needing to punch a hole in the wall.

    Simply cut the tape to your desired length and start hanging your items right away!

Product Highlights

  • TRACELESS REMOVABLE TAPE – Easy to remove tape that does not damage your walls or surface, it peels cleanly without residue or glue

  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE  When the tape get dirty with dust, you can wash with warm water and dry to regain its stickiness

  • MANY WAYS TO USE IT - Hold your keys, pens, decorations, wall hangings and kitchen tools. It is perfect for fixating carpet and furnitures and even removing lint and pet hair.

  • USE IT ALL AROUND THE HOUSE  The nano tape adheres strongly to every smooth and non porous surface so you can use it on your car, desk and kitchen walls