2 in 1 Soap Pump (Buy 2 Free Shipping)

  • Are you over dispensing dish soap when doing the dishes?

    Tired of soap bottles cluttering your sink and countertop?

    Then, this 2 in 1 soap pump is what you need.

    It replaces your soap bottles and sponge holder, keeping your counter mess free while helping you save soap by dispensing the right amount every time!

Product Highlights

  • Save Money - No more wasting precious dish soap when you use the correct amount for your dishwashing.
  • Convenient & Mess Free - Say goodbye to messy, dripping or dragging. Unlike other manual and automatic dispensers.
  • Keeps Sponge Dry - No more soaking your sponge in a sink of dishes. the soap pump has a built in holder that you can dry your sponge, keeping it clean and lasting longer.