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Shoe Slot Organizer

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "Our shoe rack is always messy and these shoe slots were perfect keeping our shoe cabinet neat and organized."

    ✔️ No More Messy Shoe Rack
    These shoe slots will keep everything organized even with different shoe shapes.

    ✔️ There's Always Space For Shoes
    It doubles your storage space so you can buy more shoes.

    ✔️ Works For All Kinds Of Shoes
    It can be adjustable to fit all types of footwear, heels, slippers, shoe and boots.

    Guaranteed to keep your shoe cabinet in order and increase storage space by 2 times or your money back.

Product Highlights

Adjustable Height & Angles 

It has 4 adjustable heights: 2.7", 4.3", 6.4" and 7.2" to accommodate slippers, shoe, heels, sandals and boots. Adjust the angle of the shoe organizer to accommodate different shoe heights. Suitable for slippers, heels, shoes & boots.

Anti Slip Design

This ensures that the shoe on the top does not slip off during use. The shoe holder can be detached for easy cleaning and drying.

Dual Layer Design

It's Dual layer design holds the shoe in a semi vertical position, giving you more storage space instantly.