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by Lit Jack July 14, 2020 2 min read

Love pancake or crepe for breakfast?

How about empanadas and crispy fried food and kitchen gadgets?

If you do, then this post is for you!

Today i'm going to share 7 cooking gadgets and kitchen accessories are that hot right now that will make your kitchen experience so much more fun!


1. The Perfect Pancake Maker

This silicone pancake maker will make you a PRO pancake chef!

Simply place the pancake mould into the hot pan and pour the batter to form perfectly round pancakes.

You may even use it make perfect sunny side up eggs and more!

Get Your Pancake Moulds Here


2. Instant Crepe Maker

Love crepe?

Then you'll have to check this crepe maker out!

It works by dipping its hot non stick surface into a bowl of batter, cooking the crepe within seconds!

Grab Your Personal Crepe Maker Here


3. Electronic Measuring Spoon

Skip the guesswork and get the right amount of seasoning when you're cooking

It measures your seasoning precisely up to 0.1grams, making it perfect if you are preparing complicated recipes.

Check Out The Measuring Spoon


4. Folding Frying/Boiling Basket

Check out this foldable frying basket!

It's foldable design lets you fry with less oil in a small pan and get them out by simply lifting the handles.

Not just Frying!

You can use this basket for boiling pasta, holding your fruits, drying and straining your produce

Amazing right?

Get Your Multipurpose Basket Here


5. Pull Chopper

Have lots of ingredients to chop up?

This chopper will speed up and simplify your ingredient prep tremendously!

Simply add the raw ingredients into the chopping bowl and pull the strings


You'll get 5 star finely chopped ingredients ready to be used!

Buy the Pull Chopper Here


6. Kitchen Scissors with Cutting Board

Cooking for a small group?

These unique scissors might come in handy!

It slice your vegetables without needing to setup your cutting board and take out your knives

Making this a convenient cooking tool if you are in a rush to get ingredients chopped

Get This Kitchen Scissor Here!


7. Roll Over Dumpling Maker Set

If you like making your own dumplings or empanadas then this kitchen accessory is for you!


It makes perfectly sized and consistent dumpling skin smooth and easy. 

It comes with a mould that lets you seal the dumplings perfectly

Get Your Dumpling Maker Here


Which Cooking Gadget is your favourite?

Is it the Dumpling Maker?

Or Maybe it was the crepe maker?

Either ways, Do visit the product pages if you are interested in the products!

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