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by Lit Jack August 07, 2020 4 min read

Looking for ways to beautify your home with some unique night light ideas?

You're in the right place!

From indoors to outdoors...

You'll find the most unique night light that gets your visitor absolutely envy your home

Let's dive right in!


1. Solar Powered Fire Lamp

If you are a fan of beautiful hardscape lights

Then this is perfect for you!

These light will wow your neighbours and visitors when they visit your home!

The best part?

  • They run on solar power
  • Easily installed onto any areas of the garden
  • Water Resistant

They run on autopilot 24/7 turning off in the day and automatically turns on at night

Love them already?

Get Yours today ($25.95)


2. Fireworks Decor Bulbs

These gorgeous galaxy light bulb will transform your home into a beautiful night sky!

It cast colorful lights with 3D effects and adding a starry night ambiance to your home!

These light bulbs would be an instant conversation starter when somebody visits your home!

Get yours here! ($22.25)


3. Led Flame Light

This amazing light bulb burns just like a real flame!

It's orange warm flame gives your home a warm and romantic feel

They can be used indoors and outdoors and are excellent for:

  • Shops
  • Restaurant
  • Garden

Get your Flame here ($17.95)


4. Automatic LED Closet

Don't want to turn on the lights when heading downstairs?

These motion sensing LEDs might be the perfect solution!

They turn on when motion is detected and turns of automatically after 20 seconds or when sunlight is detected.

Here's what i absolutely love about them

  • They come with adhesive for quick installation
  • Reaction time is fast
  • Can be used anywhere in the home

Get these amazing motion sensing LEDs here ($12.95)


5. Solar Powered Garden Lights

Illuminate the walk way of your home with these in ground solar lights!

These durable and decorative outdoor lights are bright and provides enough light to actually see your way at night

Waterproof and powered by sunlight, it requires no charging or maintenance.

Sounds fantastic?

Get them here today ($19/95)


6. Realistic Jellyfish Light

Immerse in ultra realistic, peaceful and soothing beautiful deep sea environment for your home.

They help calm the mind, giving you a relaxed atmosphere that feels therapeutic

Here's why i think it's a great decor:

  • It does not make any noise
  • It is ultra realistic
  • It comes in 7 beautiful glow to match your mood

It also makes a great gift for somebody who works in an office environment

Get them here ($59.99)


7. Solar Powered Flower Lamp

These flower light will beautify and brighten up your garden at night!

Just like the previous solar lights, it runs on autopilot 24/7 and are waterproof.

Choose from 4 amazing colors and add color to your garden today! 

Get them here ($19.9)


8. LED Mushroom Night Light

Add a soft and warm touch to your bedroom with the LED mushroom night light!

It adds a natural flair to your home and will the envy of anyone who sees it

The changes between 3 beautiful colors to beautify your home

Here's what's great about this lamp:

  • It has the perfect brightness level for a good night sleep
  • Super low power consumption
  • They are great for the kids room

Get this enchanting mushroom light here ($14.95)


9. Solar Moon Flame Light

Add a touch of magic to your bedroom with these ultra realistic moon lamps

These lamps add a touch of warm and mystery to your home...

Plus, they are great when gifted!

Get your moon here ($19.99)


10. Solar Powered Moon Flame

If like love the romantic warm glow of the moon...

Then, you are going to love this!

This stunning lunar moon lamp runs on autopilot to keep your lawn lit all night to welcome any visitors.

Plus, the shadow casted from the cutouts of the moon is gorgeous!

Get yours here ($24.95)


11. Firework Ultrasonic Diffuser

If you happen to be looking for a diffuser

You should definitely have a look at this!

It comes in 6 stunning colors to elevate your mood while helping you breathe better.

This professional oil diffuser has automatic shut off to save power.

Ready to beautify your home?

Get the firework diffuser here ($49.99)


12. Book Night Lamp

Looking for a warm and soothing night light for your desk?

How about a portable book lamp?

To illuminate the room with warm light, open the book and lay it on your desk or stool.

It comes with stored battery and can be recharged via USB 

This makes a good travel night light that you can bring with you wherever you go!

Get your book lamp today! ($29.99)


13. Mosquito Trapper Lamp

Looking for a way to get rid of mosquito while decorating your room?

Try these beautiful modern looking mosquito trapper night lamp!

They run on powerful but extremely quiet motor to trap and dry mosquitoes

Powered by USB, they are very energy efficient as well!

Get your mosquito night lamp here ($29.95)


Now i would like to hear from you!

Which organizer was your favourite?

Was it the mesh desk organizer?

The layered desk organizer?

Anyways do check these cool desk organizers out

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