21 Practical Baking Soda Cleaning Hacks

You've probably already heard about baking soda and the wonders it can do when it comes to cleaning.

But how exactly?

In today's post i'm going to show you 21 practical ways to use baking soda as a replacement for cleaning products.

So that, you can save money while getting more cleaning work done with less elbow grease.

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1. Remove Pesticides from Produce

Produce that we get from the supermarket are commonly sprayed with pesticides and we don't need them in our diet.

With baking soda you can easily remove pesticides and contaminants.

Here's how:

Fill a bowl with about 300 ml of water

    Add 2 tbsp of baking soda, stir until completely dissolved before gently brushing and then patting it dry.

    Scientific Experiments has proven that baking soda is more effective at pesticides removal than commercial produce wash and harsh chemicals like bleach


    2. Eliminate Oven Grime & Stubborn Stains

    Cleaning the oven without the right tool is a tough chore that never gets done.

    But here's how you can use baking soda to help that problem

    Create a paste by combining 1 part water to 3 part baking soda

    Apply that paste to your oven and let it sit overnight.

    On the next day, spray the oven with vinegar, scrub and wipe it down.


    But it works every time! 


    3. Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

    No more buying expensive chemicals to unclog the drain!

    Here's how to fix it:

    • Pour a kettle of hot boiling water down sink
    • Add 4 tbsp of baking soda and allow it to sit for 5-8 minutes
    • Boil equal parts of water and white vinegar in a pan
    • Pour the boiling vinegar mix over the baking soda and wait for 10 minutes
    • Do a final cleanse by pouring a kettle of boiling water.

    This chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar melts the residue blocking the drain.


    4. Eliminate Those Carpet Odor 

    If you have pets or your carpet constantly come into contact with moisture, they are going to smell.

    Refresh your carpet by using baking soda


    Simply grab your box of baking soda and scatter it liberally over your carpet as leave them overnight.

    On the next day, vacuum up the baking soda and you'll find the that smell has completely vanished.


    5. Keep Your Oral Tools Clean

    Your toothbrush contains lots of germs and bacteria and needs to be cleaned frequently.

    Here's how you can keep them clean:

    • Mix 2 tbsp of baking soda into 1 cup of water
    • Soak the toothbrush overnight
    • Rinse it under cold water

    Unlike chemical cleaners, baking soda is non-toxic, safe and works just as well!


    6. Neutralize Oil & Grease Naturally

    Have leftover grease and oil residue in your oven?

    We know how annoying it is to clean

    So, here's a better solution:

    • Add baking soda onto the stained area
    • Add White vinegar and allow the mixture to sit for 20 minutes
    • Wipe with a damp cloth then wipe dry.

    This mixture effectively neutralize the oil for an easy cleaning work.


    7. Brighten Your Laundries

    Brighten your lighter colored clothes and give them a cleaner look with baking soda

    And it's simple,

    Every time you do your laundries, add 8 tbsp of baking soda to your laundry soap.

    Your clothes will look fresher, brighter just like new!


    8. Clean & Deodorize Your Sponge

    Kitchen sponge tend to degrade fast and quickly find its way to the trash can.

    With baking soda, you can revive dirty smelly sponge and use them for a longer time.

    Here's the steps:

    • Add 1 tbsp of baking soda to 300 ml warm water
    • Soak the sponge in the mixture for 3 hours
    • Increase the amount if you have more sponge to clean

    This will remove the foul smell from your sponge and you'll have a fresh new sponge for use.


    9. Deodorize Your Shoes

    If you have sweaty feet or live in humid areas...

    Chances are your shoes will get smelly really fast.

    No worries, here's a quick fix:

    • Add about 1 tsp of baking soda into your shoe
    • Let it sit overnight
    • Dump out of the powder next the day and wear them

      Baking soda draws out the smell leaving your shoe fresh and odorless.


      10. Deodorize Your Fridge

      You might have expired food that you've forgotten to take out, or you have leaving your fridge smelling like the garbage can.

      Here's what you can do:

      • Pour a box baking soda into 2 containers
      • Place one of them at the top, the other in the freezer

      Baking soda is well known for absorbing strong odor. 

      You can remove it when the smell is gone.


      11. Eliminate Bathtub Soap Scum

      If your bathtub looks dirty and filled with hard water marks then it's time to use this recipe:


      Follow the 3 simple steps below:

      • Create your cleaning agent by mixing 2 part baking soda, 1 part water and 1 part dawn soap.
      • Apply the mixture to your bathtub liberally & let it soak for an hour
      • Use a sponge to clean out the gunk before rinsing

      This mixture is very effective against soap scum, and mildew.

      Works like a charm!


      12. Deodorize Your Cutting Board

      For this you'll need half a lemon and 2 tbsp of baking soda:

      Sprinkle baking soda over the cutting board and Use the half lemon as your sponge to scrub the board.

      This eliminates the odor and leave the cutting board fresh and clean.


      13. Removes Burnt Food

      I'm sure you would agree if i said burnt food is the hardest to clean, right?

      With the help of baking soda, it becomes so much easier.

      • Create a paste but mixing equal parts of water and baking soda
      • Apply the paste to affected area, letting it sit for 30-60 minutes.
      • Add soap dish and give it a scrub

      If the burnt does not come off completely, add paste and wait another 30 minutes.


      14. Clean Your Water Bottle

      Water bottle becoming oily and start to smell after a month?

      For 1 litre water bottle, add 3 tsp of baking soda, fill with water and let it soak overnight.

      Pour out the water, Rinse and its ready to use again!


      15. Freshen up Your Mattress

      Baking soda draws out the odor and dust very effectively.

      Here's how you may do it:

      • Sprinkle baking soda liberally over your mattress
      • Let it sit for a couple hours 
      • Vacuum the baking soda out

      Your mattress should feel brand new and the odor is gone!


      16. Safe Floor Cleaner 

      If you disliked the idea of using chemicals for cleaning the floor then, this is for you!

      Make your own floor cleaner by combining a cup of vinegar, baking soda and some water.

      Add the mixture into your mop bucket and mix it with your mop.

      You have a safe yet powerful floor cleaner that removes dirty and grime effectively.


      17. Clean Mug Stains

      Get Tea and Coffee Stains off the mug with just baking soda

      Wet the mug, add baking soda and wipe with a damp sponge

      For thick stubborn stains:

      • Make a baking soda paste by combining 1 part baking soda to 1 part water
      • Apply the paste to mug and let it sit overnight
      • Scrub the stains off the next day


      18. Deodorize Your Wardrobe

      If your wardrobe starts to smell, this could be due to the humidity levels.

      But luckily there is a very simple solution

      Just open a box of baking soda and leave it inside the wardrobe and watch the smell disappear.


      19. Make Your Stove Top Shine

      After preparing a meal, your stove tops can get really messy and there might be stains that are hard to remove.

      Here's how to use baking soda to clean up the mess:

      • Sprinkle baking soda onto the stovetop liberally
      • Spray vinegar over the baking soda
      • Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the residue away

      This combination helps to break down the residue making it easier to clean.


      20. Clean Your Toilet Bowl

      Replace toxic blue toilet cleaners with baking soda to clean and deodorize your toilet bowl

      Add baking soda into your toilet bowl then, add a cup of vinegar and start scrubbing away

      You'll find that it works just as well as the blue liquid except it's cheaper and non-toxic.


      21. Keep Garden Pest Away

      Do you know that baking soda is a garden must have?

      it is natural pesticide, it increases the ph level of soils, repels pest, boost plant growth and more!

      Quickly lets make a spray!

      Mix equal part of baking soda and water with a couple drops of olive oil into a spray bottle.

      Use the spray on the leaves and soil to prevent slugs and fungals from developing.



      That's a handful of useful tips that i use myself

      In summary:

      • Baking soda is a powerful all purpose deodorant
      • Is a powerful stain remover
      • Great for cleaning grimes and stubborn stains
      • They contain no harmful chemical
      • Safe for pet owners and parents
      • Makes a great tool for gardeners

      Now i'd like to hear from you:

      Which baking soda tip from the list was new to you?

      Which one you liked most?

      Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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