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by Lit Jack August 20, 2020 6 min read

If you struggle to keep your bathroom clutter free...

Can't seem to find space to hang things.

Or have a small bathroom.

Then, you are going to love these 25 Bathroom organizers.

The best part?

Most of these organizers do not require drilling and can be installed for use instantly!


1. Corner Shower Caddy

Have a small bathroom space with no shelving?

Want a corner caddy but not confident about drilling your tiles?

Then this is the perfect bathroom shelf for you!

These bathroom caddies comes with 2 super strong adhesive pads that'll complete the installation in just 2 minutes!

Here's why i love these corner shelf:

  • I don't have to risk breaking my tiles to install them
  • They Feel Very Sturdy
  • Keeps the shampoo bottle dry and clean

And they look beautiful in my bathroom!

Love them?

Get Mesh Bathroom Corner Shelf


2. Double Tier Bathroom Organizing Rack

If your countertop is cluttered and you need a way to keep things organized.

Then, look no further!

This dual layer mesh tray provides ample space for all your bottles and frequently used items.

Here's why we love them:

  • It does not collect water
  • It looks great on any countertops
  • Sturdy and easy to put together

Plus, you can use them in your kitchen or craft room too!

Get Double Tier Organizing Rack


3. Bathroom Counter Organization Rack

If you have a cabinet below the sink...

Then you may consider hanging one of these baskets on the cabinet door

It keeps large and irregularly shaped items off your countertops, giving your bathroom a neater look.

Plus, a holder at the side for your hair dryer.

Place, or hang them on any cabinets you can find in the bathroom or kitchen 

Get Hanging Cabinet Mesh Basket


4. Rustic Style Towel Holder

Looking for a rustic style holder to match your bathroom or home theme?

Made with high manganese steel and laser cutting, it is precise, smooth and rustproof.

This Makes for a great bathroom decor and organizer

Get Rustic Style Towel Hanger


5. Anti Splash Toilet Paper Holder

Protect your toilet paper from accidental splashes with this wall mounted holder!

Made of SUS 304 stainless steel, it'll never rust under any circumstances.


It's shiny premium look will beautify your bathroom, making it a great long term investment.

Get Wall Mounted Toilet Paper holder


6. Punch Free Super Hooks (12pcs)

Need extra hooks to hang your bathroom items that doesn't break the wall?

Then, you're going to love these

It install on any smooth surfaces to hold your bathroom towels, brushes, loofah and more!

The adhesive pads are virtually undetectable are extremely strong!

You can use them anywhere in your home too!

Get Super Hangers


7. Punch Free Mesh Basket

If you have a small bathroom and you need an all in 1 holder without breaking your wall

Then, this fits the description perfectly!

It installs on any smooth surface to give you a sturdy shelf that holds almost every bathroom items you have.

Here's why everyone is loving this shelf:

  • Does not accumulate water
  • Automatically Air Dry
  • Holds a lot of bathroom items

Available in black and white to suit your bathroom theme

Get Punch Free Bathroom Mesh Basket With Hook


8. Leafology Soap Holder

If you love using soap and can't stand how they almost always get mushy.

Then this leaf shape soap holder is perfect!

They drain every bit of water out, keeping your soap dry so that they last longer.

Plus, they look beautiful on the basin!

Get Soap Holders


9. S-type Cabinet Door Hook

Have something to hang near your countertop?

Try These Stainless Steel Cabinet Hooks

Simply place them on any cabinet door to get extra hanging space!

Nope, they do not affect the closing of your cabinet doors!

This is due to the flat surface design as you can see below

Love it?

Get Cabinet Hooks


10. 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

This rotating makeup organizer keeps all your bathroom items on one mega shelf so you can finally declutter your bathroom counter!

No more rummaging through bottles to find what you need!

Get Rotating Makeup Organizer


11. Open Concept Toothbrush Holder

Looking for a simple holder that can hold your battery operated toothbrush and toothpaste?

Try these!

The open concepts means that your toiletries get to air dry and stay clean

Plus, they are made of SUS 304 stainless steel and will never have issue with rusting.

Here's what i really like about it:

  • It has large openings for electric toothbrush
  • Save Space on the countertop
  • My toiletries is always dry and clean

Get the Toothbrush Holder


12. Dual Layer Bathroom Shelf

If your cabinet has no shelvings

Or, you just want to utilise the space in your cabinet...

Then, its time to stack things vertically!

This small shelf makes the perfect organizer if you are looking to take advantage of that little bit more of space.

They are sturdy, rust free and made to last

Get Dual Tier Iron Rack


13. Layered Corner Shelf

Maximize your bathroom space by storing your shampoo bottles on the corners!

Made of aluminium alloy, they will never rust or corrode under any circumstances.

They can be installed via adhesives or by drilling

Get Aluminium Corner Shelf


14. Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

Free up counter space by storing your frequently used items on the walls!

The best part?

They can be installed on any smooth surfaces to hold large amounts of bathroom items safely.

Loving it?

Get Punch Free Stainless Steel Rack


15. Rotating Organizer with Cover

Looking to protect your makeup products or bathroom accessories from accidental splashes?

Give these corner bathroom shelves a try!

It is essentially a rotating drawer for storing your bathroom accessories that'll will keep your countertop free from clutter.

Love it?

Get the Corner Shelf


16. Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Hooks

Looking for a lightweight and simple hanger to hold commonly used bathroom items?

Try this punch free hanger!

Installs strongly on any smooth surface and can be used immediately!

Get Stainless Steel Hooks


17. Instant Mop Holder

If you happen to store your mops in the bathroom, then you might want to try these mop holders.

Again, no drilling needed here, simply find a clean smooth surface and viola!

You have a sturdy and reliable mop holder ready to use

Get Punch Free Mop Holder


18. Stainless Steel Towel Holder

Luxurious looking towel holder that pairs well with a bright bathroom

Made of Stainless Steel 

It comes with all the tools you need for installation.

Get Stainless Steel Circular Towel Hanger


19. Triangular Corner Shelf

Looking to utilise the corners of your bathroom?

These stainless steel shelves gives you extra space to keep frequently used items off the counter.

Here's why they are great:

  • They do not collect water
  • Looks beautiful in most bathrooms
  • Rust and Corrosion Free

If you're looking for this extra storage space in the bathroom then, i definitely recommend these shelves!

Get Triangular Corner Shelf


20. Floating Bathroom Shelves

Whether you prefer minimalist looking bathroom shelves or one packed with extra storage feature...

These floating shelves will beautify your bathroom

Get Floating Bathroom Shelf


21. Punch-Free Corner Caddy

Looking for a corner bathroom caddy that is punch free, isn't flimsy and have large storage capacity?

Here's one!

They come with 2 sets of super strong adhesives so that you don't have to drill your wall to install them!

Plus, they are made of stainless steel which means they aren't flimsy and can resist rusting

Here's what i love about these corner shower caddy

  • Very Sturdy
  • Holds onto the wall strongly
  • Very easy to assemble

Love them?

Get these punch free corner shelves here


22. Punch-Free Wall Shelf

Another beautiful addition to your bathroom

These punch free shelves are a great fit for patterned tiles and can be installed next to your toilet bowl.

Get Punch Free Heavy Duty Mesh Shelf


23. Drill Free Stainless Steel Rack

Love deep shelves that dries automatically and be moved from places to places?

Try these!

Recommended for smooth surfaces only, this stainless steel basket uses suction to hold itself on the wall.

Try the suction power for yourself and if it falls off, we'll get you a full refund anyday!

Get Stainless Steel Suction Cup Shelf


24. Antibacterial Toothbrush Holder

This amazing holder will sterilize your toothbrush and organize them!

At last, you can get fresh and clean toothbrush whenever you brush your teeth

Plus, it makes your bathroom look cool!

Get UV Sterilizing Toothbrush Holder


25. Shower Head Organizer

Love to have your shampoos and bath brush near while you shower?

Try this amazing shower rack!

It uses the principle of clamping to secure itself to the shower stem

Adjust it to your desired height whenever.

Get Shower Head Shelving


Now i would like to hear from you!

Which organizer was your favourite?

Was it the mesh desk organizer?

The layered desk organizer?

Anyways do check these cool desk organizers out

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