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5 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Organize Upper Kitchen Cabinets & Double Your Storage Space Instantly

by Lit Jack January 11, 2021 3 min read

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Is your cabinet getting more cluttered and there is just no room for the new stuffs you've just bought?

In today's post, i am going to show you 5 super easy ways to instantly double your storage space and transform your upper cabinets.

The ideas featured in this post utilizes vertical storage space such as using the door, the under shelf and more!

Let's get started!


1. Under Shelf Storage Hooks

Do you store your mugs in your upper cabinet? If so, here's the perfect organizer to instantly increase storage space.

No installation needed! Just hang it below your cabinet shelf and start hanging your mugs, spatulas, rubber bands and kitchen items.

Works on any cabinets, even on thinner shelving.

If you intend to hang your cooking pan and chopping board, fix the end with a screw, (we have included a bore at the end so no need to punch the hole yourself)

Here are amazing benefits of using these Under Shelf hooks

  • Easy To Use, No installation required
  • It Does Not affect the closing of your cabinet doors
  • Free up countertop space

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2. Use Turntables To Get Organized

Cluttered upper cabinet? Having trouble finding the seasoning bottle you need while cooking? 

Here's a turntable to instantly get your cabinet in order.

What's special about this lazy susan compared to the regular ones?

  • Side handles to carry around the kitchen
  • Large storage capacity
  • Fence to prevent bottles from toppling over

Personally, I place all my frequently used seasoning bottles onto one of these turntable trays.

When i am cooking, i move the entire tray to my countertop and when i am done with the cooking, i move it back to the cabinet.

I do the same with my cleaning supplies and fridge items.

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3. Under Shelf Baskets

Would you like to increase your storage space without drilling or making modifications to your upper cabinets? Check this out!

In the photo above is an under shelf basket that hangs below your cabinet shelving to give you the extra storage space you need.

Here's what many like about this idea:

  • Versatile & No installation needed
  • Comes with a mug and towel holder
  • Does not affect closing of your cabinet door

If you are looking to store items inside the cabinet and you don't need the towel holder, here's the one you're looking for.

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Shop Under Shelf Basket With Holder


4. Self Adhesive Spice Bottle Holders

Love to use spices in your cooking?

Looking for a way to store your spice bottles without cluttering the cabinet?

You've got it! Here's a simple and easy to install spice holder to store your spice bottles and free up space inside your cabinet.

No more spice bottles cluttering your cabinet or accidentally knocking over them in the cabinet.

No more lifting each bottle one by one trying to find that spice flavor.

The spice organizer comes in row of 5 clippers so, feel free to cut them up if needed.

Shop Spice Bottle Holder


5. Air Tight Food Containers

The surest way to make your upper cabinets look messy is to have different food packaging lying around.

The solution is as simple as using uniform looking food containers to keep your cabinets looking neat and organized at all times.

When there is consistency, your cabinet just looks more pleasing the eyes.

To take organization of your upper cabinets to the next level, consider stick on labels.

This is important when it comes to organizing similar looking powder, dry food and seasonings.

Shop Stick On Labels

Shop Airtight Food Containers

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1 | Under Shelf Hooks

2 | Lazy Susan With Fence

3 | Under Shelf Basket

4 | Spice Bottle Holder

5 | Air Tight Food Container

6 | Reusable Food Labels 


Now It's Your Turn!

Which one of these organizers did you find most helpful?

Leave your thought below and click the shop button to see it on our store!

Thank you for reading.


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