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5 Bathroom Storage Ideas To Free Up Counter Space & Keep Things Organized All Year Round

by Lit Jack January 11, 2021 3 min read

Wouldn't it be great to wake up to a clean and tidy bathroom where everything is in place?

The bathroom is probably the first place you visit every morning and you don't want to see countertop clutter, towel on the floor and bottles scattered everywhere. Right?

Here are 5 of the best bathroom storage ideas to organize and give you that storage space you never had before.

Let's get started!


1. Corner Shower Caddy

Have a small bathroom space with no shelving?

Want a corner caddy but not confident about drilling your tiles?

Then this is the perfect bathroom shelf for you!

These bathroom caddies comes with 2 super strong adhesive pads that'll complete the installation in just 2 minutes!

Here's why i love these corner shelf:

  • I don't have to risk breaking my tiles to install them
  • They Feel Very Sturdy
  • Keeps the shampoo bottle dry and clean

And they look beautiful in my bathroom!

Shop Mesh Bathroom Corner Shelf


2. Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

Here'a another punch free shower caddy to utilize vertical storage space in your bathroom.

Just like the corner shower caddy, there is no drilling or punching involved.

Install on any smooth surfaces to hold large amounts of bathroom items safely.

I recommend using one of these in front of your bathroom countertop to store your soap dispenser and frequently use items.

Shop Punch Free Bathroom Caddy


3. Use Turntables On The Counter

When there is too many skin products on the bathroom counter, your bathroom can look cluttered.

The quick and easy fix is to use a lazy susan to store these bottles and skin care products.

That way, you can store all your products in one place, spin and grab what you need quickly.

To clear your bathroom counter, place all your bathroom items onto the lazy fence and store it in the cabinet under the sink.

Shop Bathroom Lazy Susan


4. Adjustable Under Sink Organizer

Look under your bathroom sink, it is probably the most underutilized area of your bathroom.

This is mainly due to pipes getting in the way or the lack of shelving or both...

The solution is to use an adjustable shelf riser that is designed for under the sink storage.

What's so special about adjustable shelf risers?

  • Adjustable Height For More Storage Space
  • Movable Shelving to avoid pipes
  • Adjustable Width Between 15-26" (40-70 cm)


The photo below shows how you can install the organizer even if there is a pipe in the way.

In case you are wondering if you can use this for the area under your kitchen sink, the answer is yes!

Shop Under The Sink Organizer


5. Easy Hair Dryer Storage

Instead of leaving your hair dryer on the countertop and making it look more cluttered, why not hang them up?

Here is another punch free solution that works on any smooth surface in your bathroom to store your hair dryer.

Another way to hang those dryer and keep them hidden is to use a multi functional over the door basket like the one below.

Shop Punch Free Hair Dryer Holder

Shop Over Door Bathroom Basket

Shop Bathroom Organizers

1 | Punch Free Corner Shelf

2 | Punch Free Shower Caddy

3 | Lazy Susan

4 | Adjustable Under Sink Organizer

5 | Punch Free Hair Dryer Holder


Now I'd Like to Hear From You!

Which one of these bathroom organizers did you find useful?

Was it the under sink organizer? Or maybe the punch free shelves?

Hopefully you find these organizers useful and if you liked them, click the orange buttons to shop them!

Thank you for reading


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