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by Lit Jack August 13, 2020 8 min read

If you are looking for ideas to declutter your home

Free up space

And Beautify your Home

So that you can finally find your stuffs and find peace 

Then, this is the inspiration post you've been looking for!


1. Pot Organizers

Are your pots and pan lids taking too much space on the counter?

Try this amazing pot rack organizer!

It is a smart design that allows you to customize the size of each rack section according to your needs.

Example, you can create larger sections for larger pots, narrower sections for small pots and so on...

You may turn the organizer vertical to create shelves on both sides to store more kitchen utensils!

Here's what i love about them:

  • Customizable
  • Sturdy and does not bend
  • Modern Looking

Get Heavy Duty Kitchenware Holder


2. Fridge Storage Containers

Isn't it frustrating to have to remove the food or items in front to see what's at the back of the fridge?

Not anymore with these fridge storage containers!

It is essentially a "fridge drawer" that lets you see everything inside your fridge with a single pull!

No more rummaging through the fridge only to find rotten stuffs leaking at the back!

Here' why i think these are FANTASTIC!

  • They help you find & get things faster
  • They contain spills if they ever happen
  • They are stackable

Get Fridge storage organizers


3. Over The Door Hanging Organizer

Too many small items to store and can't seem to find space?

How about an organizer that hangs over the back of your door that stores everything?

Well, why not?

This brilliant home organizer can be used on the back of any doors to instantly to store your:

  1. baby's clothing
  2. art and craft
  3. beauty products
  4. toys

And here's what i love about them:

  • See through design
  • Sturdy Durable
  • Versatile

I highly recommend this cabinet organizer if you have lots of small to medium sized but nowhere to store them!

Get Over the door organizers


4. Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Instead of leaving your utensils and kitchenware hanging around on your counter.

Hang them!

This 6 hook kitchen organizer lets you hang your spatula, utensils and mugs instantly.

They require no drilling or installation and can be shifted to cabinet to cabinet.

if 6 hooks ain't enough you can try these instead, they are super strong so you don't have to worry about bending and it falling off.

6 Hooks Kitchen Organizer

12 Hooks Kitchen Organizer


5. Cabinet Door Organizer

Can't figure out where to hang your kitchen towels?

Try these over the cabinet kitchen towel holder!

Simply hang them onto your kitchen cabinets to hold kitchen towel rolls and cleaning towels!

It essentially free up space on the counter and does not obstruct your path while your're preparing your meal!

Love them? 

Get these Cabinet towel holders


6. Cooking Utensil Holder

Always Looking for a place to hold your cooking lid or utensils?

Then you're in luck today!

Simply using one of these ladle holder will keep the sauce and condensation away from your countertops!

It can hold up to 5 utensils and 1 cooking lid for a mess free cooking experience.

Kitchen Ladle Holder


7. Fridge Organizer

Does your fridge need extra space and organization?

The hanging fridge organizer adds extra space to your refrigerator by latching onto the partitions.

They can be extended when more space is needed.

Organize your fruits & vegetables, eggs, snack bars and smaller objects so your fridge doesn't look cluttered with things.

Hanging Organizer for Fridge and Table


8. Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Hooks

Keep your countertop neat and organized with these punch free hooks!

It lets you hang all your frequently used utensils and kitchen towels on the wall

and vertically below your cabinet!

Here's what i like about these

  • They are punch free hence very versatile
  • Strong adhesive to ensure that it stays on
  • Holds just about everything i need

Not just the kitchen, you can also use them on all smooth surfaces in your home to hang just about anything!

Get Punch Free Stainless Steel Hangers


9. All Purpose Lazy Susan

Is it hard to find the seasoning bottle you need while cooking?

Use one of these spinning tray to quickly find the sauce or seasoning you need without having to pour out the entire cabinet.

Use it in your kitchen cabinet or countertop for oil bottle, sauce bottles, seasoning bottles.

You might also use it for your bathroom to organize your serum, face cream, facial wash and more

Get Lazy Susan


10. Expandable Kitchen Sink Colander

Do you need extra space on your sink while being able to drain dishes and produce dry?

Then, this extendable sink organizer might just be for you! 

It will sit perfectly on any kitchen sink and can be extended from 13.9" to 20.4" when you need to dry more dishes.

You can use it drain your fruits and vegetables dry after washing, dry your dishes and utensils or simply use it to store them!

Extendable Stainless Steel Sink Storage Rack


11. Instant Faucet Shelf

Looking for space to store your sponge, soap and detergent?

This faucet shelf is the perfect tool to help you organize your sink!

It installs on all types of faucet by tightening - no drill or special attachments needed!

Use the shelf to store sponge, soap bottle, scrubber and hang your kitchen accessory.

You may use these in your bathroom under the shower head to hold your shampoo and soap.

Get Stainless Steel Faucet Shelf


12. Punch Free Bathroom Shelves

If you have a small bathroom and need to maximize all possible space

Then, this could be your thing!

It's huge capacity lets you hold just about everything you need in the bathroom all in one place!

Plus, they can be installed with no drill or nails (sealant fix included)

Check these bathroom shelves


13. Triangular Bathroom Shelf

Looking to utilise the corners of your bathroom?

These stainless steel shelves gives you extra space to keep frequently used items off the counter.

Here's why they are great:

  • They do not collect water
  • Looks beautiful in most bathrooms
  • Rust and Corrosion Free

If you're looking for this extra storage space in the bathroom then, i definitely recommend these shelves!

Get Triangular Corner Self


14. Bathroom Cabinet Door Basket

No more going under the sink to grab your hair dryer!

This multifunctional cabinet basket lets you hang your electronic items, and organize any items that you frequently use.

Cabinet Hanging Organizer


15. Suction Cup Wall Mounted Caddy

Tired of shower caddy that are flimsy, rust quickly and doesn't hold up well?

Try this one instead!

They are made of 304 Stainless Steel which means that'll never rust or corrode when exposed to water, soap and shampoo

Plus, they require no drilling and nails! It uses powerful vacuum suction that keeps them on the wall until you've decided to remove them.

Get Punch free Shower Caddy


16. Punch Free Corner Caddy

Looking for a corner bathroom caddy that is punch free, isn't flimsy and have large storage capacity?

Look no further!

They come with 2 sets of super strong adhesives so that you don't have to drill your wall to install them!

Plus, they are made of stainless steel which means they aren't flimsy and can resist rusting

Here's what i love about these corner shower caddy

  • Very Sturdy
  • Holds onto the wall strongly
  • Very easy to assemble

Love them?

Get Punch Free Corner Shelves


17. Open Concept Toothbrush Holder

Looking for a simple holder that can hold your battery operated toothbrush and toothpaste?

Try these!

The open concepts means that your toiletries get to air dry and stay clean

Plus, they are made of SUS 304 stainless steel and will never have issue with rusting.

Here's what i really like about it:

  • It has large openings for electric toothbrush
  • Save Space on the countertop
  • My toiletries is always dry and clean

Get Stainless Steel Toothbrush Holder


18. Corner Mesh Shower Caddy

Have Small bathroom space with no shelving?

Want a corner caddy but not confident about drilling your tiles?

Then this is the perfect bathroom shelf for you!

These bathroom caddies comes with 2 super strong adhesive pads that'll complete the installation in just 2 minutes!

Here's why i love these corner shelf:

  • I don't have to risk breaking my tiles to install them
  • They Feel Very Sturdy
  • Keeps the shampoo bottle dry and clean

And they look beautiful in my bathroom!

Love them?

Get Corner Bathroom Mesh Shelf


19. Bathroom Counter Organizer for Cosmetics

Is your counter cluttered with perfume, nail polish and makeup?

Let this organizer help you take care of the mess!

This rotatable cosmetic organizer keeps everything separate and organized and instantly removes the clutter!

Why i love this organizer:

  • It matches most bathroom theme
  • They are easy to put together
  • I can spin the shelf to find what i need Fast!

Loving it?

Get Makeup Organizer


20. Dual Tier Bathroom Organizer

Always lacking space in the bathroom?

Want to keep your countertop neat and organized?

Then you might want to try this dual tier organizing rack

With this, you can keep all your creams, serums and beauty products in one place.

Here's what we like about this bathroom organizer

  • Huge storage capacity
  • Does not collect water
  • Matches the look of any bathroom

Love it?

Get Double Tier Organizing Rack


21. Punch Free Wall Shelf

Looking to add air fresheners and other bathroom accessories near your toilet bowl?

Try these!

Like many of the other shelves you saw above, this one is punch free too!

It's designed to accommodate common bathroom accessories like tissue boxes, perfume and plants

Get them here

22. Cabinet Door Organizer

Is your bathroom counter cluttered with things?

Can't find space for your face towels and shower sponge?

Give these a try!

They can be installed over any cabinet doors in your bathroom to hang bathroom accessories and more.

Get Cabinet hooks


23. Closet Dividers

Shelves are great for storage, but your t-shirt can quickly get mixed with your pants and your shelf can get messy really fast.

Using a dividing shelf like this keeps, the clothing seperate and prevent them from mixing.

Plus, you'll be able to manage higher stacks of clothing.

Closet Organizing Shelf


24. Desk Organizer With Drawer

Have a messy desk and looking to organize your pens, pencils and your office supplies?

Look no further!

This desk organizer is perfect for keeping all your stationery in one place!

Here's what i like about this organizer:

  • It has 9 individual Compartments
  • It's Compact and doesn't add clutter to my desk
  • I can see everything & find what i need faster

Love it?

Get Mesh Desk Organizer


25. Detachable Socket Holder

Messy cables and power sockets lying around?

Check out this socket holder!

It instantly mounts your power sockets on the wall to keep the underneath part of your desk neat and tidy.

What i love about this organizer:

  • Strong adhesive tapes makes it easy to install
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Strong enough to hold photo frames

If you want to finally get rid of the clutter underneath your desk...

Get Punch Free Socket Holder


Now I'd like to Hear From You!

Which one of the 25 home organizers do you like most?

Was it the bathroom caddy?

Or the wall kitchen organizers?

Either way do let us know in the comment sections below

P.S: In case you fell in love in anything you see, click on the images to view the products and make a purchase with discount code HWF10 to enjoy 10% off your first purchase


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