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by Lit Jack July 24, 2020 4 min read

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Today, i'm going to share with you 7 closet organizers that are:

Great for small closet space

Helps you find your clothing Fast

Turn your closet into an organized piece of art

Let's dive right in!


1. Store More Jeans in an Organized Fashion

Don’t you think it’s difficult to find that pair of pants or jeans you want to wear in that messy closet?

Don’t know how many pairs of jeans you have or how many of each color you have?

So, If you have a small closet and need more storage space for your closet…

Then, here’s a genius hanger to help you!

Unlike the typical plastic hangers we use, these are made of stainless steel and can hold up to 5 pair of jeans without bending

Most importantly, it keeps everything neat and organized.


  • Available in purple, green, black
  • Comes in set of 8 (hang 40 pants)
  • Anti slip grip

Get them here ($22.99)


2. Use a Shelf Divider for an Organized Closet

Trying to stack your t-shirts on the shelf only to get mixed with other clothes within the same week?

Having trouble finding the clothes you want to wear?

Or, if you have a long shelf and need to break them up into organized sections…

Then, this organizer will keep everything neat & organized!

They install by clipping onto your shelves so you don’t have to drill or modify anything!

Store more clothes by stacking vertically

Keep your towel separate from your t-shirt , from your sweaters and so on…


They come in set of 8 at $34.99 for solid shelves

The come in set of 4 at $15.99 for wire shelves

If you plan to use it on solid shelvesclick here

Using it on a wire shelf? Get ithere


3. Utilise the Space Behind Your Door

If you live in a small apartment, have small closet and limited space

Or, if you are looking for a place to hang your jacket, handbag, accessories

And you don’t want to drill anything

Then, this Door organizers is perfect for you!

It installs instantly on any door and does not affect opening or closing 

Some cool featuresof this organizer:

  1. It is padded with soft foam which protects your door
  2. Choose from 6-14 hooks depending on your needs
  3. Made of Anti rust Epoxy coated steel 

I needed something to organize everything from robes and hoodies to hand and shoulder bags and scarfs and wraps. 

When i got this myself, i was able to access my frequently used items without cluttering my desk or closet. It just makes getting out of the house so much quicker and easier.

Get yours here (starting from $9.99)


4. Store Irregularly Shaped Items in a Box

If you have a cubicle shelf and want to keep the dust out while turning it into a pull out drawer.

Or, If you have too many toys and need a place to store them..

Maybe you have an ever growing number of clothes, accessories and bags.

Then, you are going to love these collapsible organizers

These tough and sturdy fabric based organizer provide gentle and reliable space for storing:

  1. Kids toys,
  2. Stuffed animals
  3. Office supplies
  4. Clothes

Sewn in grab handles makes for easy access

Each organizer is 10.5 x 10.5 x 11 inches 

Comes in pack of 6

Get yours here ($19.07)


5. The Organizer for your Bag, Belt & more!

Looking for extra space to store your handbag, purse, scarf and belt?

If you live in a tiny apartment and need a space saving way to store your accessories and bag.

Try this 12 hook closet hanger!

It features 7 straight hooks and 7 curved hooks for hanging: belts, ties, jewelry, shawls, pashminas, handbags, socks, delicates, outerwear, and more!

Here’s why i love it:

  1. It’s stylish
  2. Its very sturdy 
  3. Really easy to use

Here’s how i am currently using it:

And i absolutely loved how organized it makes my closet look,

i don't have to hang my scarves and ties on multiple clothes hanger anymore!

If you like this hanger...

You may Get it here ($12.42)


6. Use a Folding Board

Tired of flipping through piles of clothing to find the one you want to wear and causing a mess in the closet?

Try these!

Stack your clothes in an organized manner and find the t-shirt you want without having to remove the entire pile.

They prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled, making it great for the luggage bag

Clothes Folding Board


7. Organize your Clothes Hanger

Not enough space in your closet? Not a problem!

Simply add your existing clothes onto this foldable clothes organizer to store your clothing vertically.

it can accommodate up to 9 hangers and it lets you categorize your clothing while staying organized.

Get Your Clothes Organizer 


Now it's your turn

I hope this short post has inspired you on your next closet makeover

Now i'd like to hear from you

Which organizers was new to you

Are you going to try them out?

Either way, leave a comment below

P.S: You can click on the link to buy the organizer you like

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