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by Lit Jack July 24, 2020 3 min read

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Hey, today I am going to share with you 5 kitchen organizer that are:

Useful for small kitchen in general

Help you to organize your kitchen

Create and save space

So are you ready? well, let's go!


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1) Try This Pantry Organizers

Can't find space in your pantry?

Always having problems trying to find your things?

Or if you are like me and have OCD, then these storage containers will get you organized in no time

By stacking your containers, you'll get to make full use of the space which makes it great for those who have small pantries or storage space

The cool part?

They come with reusable labels to help you identify food easily

They are airtight (meaning your food stays fresh longer)

They are BPA free

Plus, they come in packs of 12 at under $30!

Check these pantry organizers out here!


2) No more messy container lids

Are you tired of hunting down the right lids for your container?

Or are you like me having a hard time organizing your containers and suffered from the dreaded plastic containers cascade?

Then this container lid organizer would definitely change your life!

It comes with 5 adjustable dividers which help to separate and group the lids by shape and sizes. Which makes finding the right lid for your containers so much faster and easier!


The dividers are adjustable

No tools or installation are required

Holds round and square containers lids up to 9”

Check the Container Lid organizer right here!


3) Organize your canned food with this!

Are you tired of moving the cans around to see what’s on the shelves?

Or do you find yourself duplicating the same item over and over again because it is so messy!

Then this stackable canned food rack will definitely save you all that trouble!

This amazing food rack can store up to 36 can or variety size jars! Not only that, if you have 2 sets you can stack them together and put even more stuff in it! No more messy shelves and duplicating the same canned food over and over again!


And also it does not require any installation, no hardware needed and it is really sturdy!

Check the can rack organizer right here!


4) How I organize my cooking pot and pan lids

Do you struggle to organize your cupboard with a mess full of lids, cutting boards and baking dishes?

Or you are like me who can’t stand having all the lids to my dishes being stacked one on top of another, and when you try to find one it's like playing a Jenga game?

Then this heavy duty lids organizer will organize your mess in just a minute!

This will keep your cabinets neat by securing your dishes, bakeware, pots, pans, and lids in the organizer. And it can hold up to 8 lids and you will never have to dig through your cabinet to find what you need again!

Plus it is really sturdy and no worries of it toppling over!

If you are interested you can check it out right here!


5) Create more kitchen space with this

Do you find it a pain in the neck to have to stack all the small and larger plates together every single time?

Or you have a small kitchen like me with not much space to work with and struggled to organize your stuff?

With this stackable shelf organizer, things would never be the same again!

This organizer allowed me to stack and separate my small and larger plates and also it helps to create and utilize the empty space you have in your cabinet. It is really sturdy and the legs are attached with an anti-slip rubber which makes it much safer!

Plus, they come in a set of two at a cost of only $17.97!

Check it out here!


So, now you have new ideas to organize the space in your kitchen.

I hope you got inspired to take action and start to organize your kitchen now.

Which area are you going to challenge first?

Leave a comment and let me know!!

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