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by Lit Jack September 09, 2020 2 min read

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Have odd pipes below your sink that is preventing you from organizing?

Want to instant have more storage space without any hassle?

Then, you're in the right place!

In this post, you'll learn how to:

  • Clear up the clutter to finally see what's under the sink
  • Maximize storage space even if you have lots of pipes
  • Find what you need instantly without having to remove everything

Ready to keep your under the sink clean and organized all year round?

Let's dive right in!


Step 1: Declutter Your Sink

Make space on the floor near your sink or on the counter and prepare a trash bag.

This is so that you have space to sort things out later.

Clean out your cleaning supplies, towel, sponge and spray bottles.

Discard what is old, broken and not needed anymore

Now that your sink is emptied, you might want to clean and allow it to dry.

And if you happen to need help with installing magnetic cabinet latches check out this article on home security store


Step 2: Measure & Line The Area

Use a measuring tape to measure the height, width and depth of your under sink area.

Also, you'll need to measure your cabinet door opening so that you know what can fit and what do not.

Now, line your the floor under your sink with a shelf liner or a grease proof sticker to protect against water leakage, detergent leakage and so on...


Step 3: Fitting in With The Pipes

The toughest part of organizing storage space under your sink is fitting your organizers in with the pipes.

Using a customizable under the sink organizer is one the many ways to work around the pipes.

These types of organizer help you utilize the vertical space while fitting in with the pipes.

Special Organizers like these lets you customize the positions of the shelving to avoid the pipes

Plus, you can adjust the height of shelving and the length of the organizer.

And If you are looking for a small under the bathroom sink organizer, then, this dual tier steel rack could be for you.


Step 4: Make it Easy To Grab Items

if you have trouble finding cleaning supplies or, if you tend to move them around the house oftenly.

Then, you could use a lazy susan as it makes putting back what you've used much quicker and easier.

Plus, It makes finding and grabbing smaller bottles or cleaning supplies really easy too!

A lazy susan with fence would work really well for storing smaller items.


Step 5: Utilise The Cabinet Doors

If you're still in need of space, or if you have cleaning supplies you want quick access to.

Then, the cabinet doors are the perfect place to store your trash bag, sponge, detergent bottles and more.

Here's an organizer that hangs over the cabinet door.

And here's a cabinet door basket that is wall mounted

Enjoyed the read so far?

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