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by Lit Jack July 30, 2020 5 min read

If your desk is cluttered with stationnaires, littered with paper and your printer is on the floor.

And you have decided to get organized

Then this post for perfect for you!

Here are 11 desk organizers from Amazon that'll help:

Declutter your desk

Add space to your desk instantly

And are easy to assemble

Sounds Good? Let's dive right in!


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1. Desk Monitor Stand with Drawer

Suffer from neck pain from hunching and looking down for long hours?

Have a small desk that is often littered with stationeries and looks like an absolute mess?

Then, this desk organizer is the perfect solution!

It keeps the screen at your eye level so that you can sit straight and feel more comfortable

Not just that!

This desk stand makes it easy to keeps your space organized!

  • It has Slidable Drawer for your notes
  • 2 side pockets for small stationeries

So you’ll never have things lying around!

This is great if you have a small desk 

Or simply need more space on your desk

Get The Desk Stand Here ($37.87)


2. Under the Desk Hanging Organizer

Looking for an organizer to keep your desk clear and keep things easy to find?

Have a desk without a drawer or shelves?

Then this hanging desk organizer is your quick fix!

It lets you keep your documents organized and keep it hidden under the table

Plus, it attaches to your desk firmly without glue or drill so you can use it wherever you want

Here are some ideas on how you may use it:

Like it?

You may get yours here ($39.83)


3. Printer Desktop Stand

If your printer is always on the floor…

Or, if your desk is always crowded when you print something

And it is a hassle to rearrange things to make room for the retractable part of the printer when you already have a small desk…

Then, this printer desktop stand is perfect for you!

Keep your printer on the top shelf and the printer supplies and documents at the bottom

This heavy duty stand is sturdy and holds up to 44 lbs.

Plus, It’s modern design makes it beautiful and will suit any theme

Get yours Here ($35.98)


4. Mesh Office Desk Organizer 

Always have piles of paper sitting on your desk?

Looking for an organizer to store your stationeries and mail?

Try this desktop organizer!

It adds space to small desk Instantly

Tilted trays are great for holding A4 size papers, folders, binders and stationaries

Plus, they are

  • Sturdy & Anti Slip
  • Easy to assemble
  • Don't clutter your desk

Genius right?

Get them here ($21.99)


5. Interlocking Drawer Organizer

If your desk drawer is littered with pen, markers, markers and stationeries 

And you find it extremely difficult to find your things 

Then, these interlocking bins will satisfy your OCD and keep your drawer neat and organized!

The interlocking feature lets you create your own mix and match organization system that will fit in any drawer!

Use it in your bathroom, office, dorm and more!

Save your drawers today!

Get the 8 pcs interlocking bin pack here ($11.93)


6. Desk Organizer with Sliding Drawer

Are you tired of your desk being in a perpetual mess?

Have a small desk and need more space?

Looking for a desk organizer that’ll reduce the pile of rubble on your desk?

This sturdy little organizer is perfect for storing working files, notebook, sticky pads, stationaires and other office supplies.

Here’s why this is a great desk organizer

  • It is Easy to install
  • Compact & space saving
  • Stylish & Multifunctional

Love it?

You can get one over here ($23.97)


7. Mesh Desk Organizer with 9 Compartments

Looking for a little caddy for your loose pens, clippers and stationeries?

Then you should definitely check out this 9 compartment mesh desk organizer!

This small desk organizer will keep your desk clutter free and looking organized instantly

It lets you store all your office stationary and daily essentials all in one place without taking much space

You may also use it as your bathroom organizer if you like!

Get your personal desk organizer here ($14.99)


8. Stackable Desk File Tray

Messy desk or workspace?

Need a desk organizer to keep your paper organized?

Then you should try this 3 layer desk tray

Great for holding A4 size paper, folders and office stationery


  • Sturdy mesh construct
  • Anti slip rubber feet

Get yours here ($16.97)


9. Under the Desk Cable Organizer

Is the underside of your desk super messy?

Looking for a cable organizer that installs in any position you want?

Then you should check out this cable tray!

It comes with the wood screw and installs on the bottom of any wood table

Here’s why i think its great:

  • The 34” length means you can hold power socket of any length
  • It does not collect dust easily
  • It looks classy

Fallen in love?

You may get these organizers here ($24.95)


10. Phone Stand Desk Organizer

Do you feel like your phone is taking too much space on your desk?

Try this 5 compartment desk organizer!

It lets you keep your phone, documents, stationeries and office supplies neat and organized

All in one place

Instantly freeing up space so you desk looks alot more spacious

They may be slightly difficult to assemble but it’s worth the effort

Get your here ($32.99)


11. Desk Organizer for Pen & Stationery

Too many color pencils, pen or markers? 

Need an organizer that keeps your workspace organized without adding clutter?

Check out this Pen organizer!

No matter how many pen you have, this 14 compartment desk organizer will be able to hold all of them!

If you are looking for something affordable practical and space conservative, this is the organizer to consider!

Get your desk organizer here ($14.99)


BONUS: Wooden Adjustable Desktop Organizer

Looking for a small shelf organizer that will fit on your desk?

If you have a small desk and need extra storage space then you should try this!

It consist of 2 separate pieces that can be combined into a single shelf rack 

This means you can customise the shelf to your needs

Plus, they are easy to assemble, you just need a phillips screwdriver.

Save space on your office desktop today

Get yours here ($33.99)


Now It's Your Turn

I hope that you got some inspirations out of this post

Which one was your favourite desk organizer?

Was it the monitor stand riser for good posture?

Maybe the mesh desktop organizer?

Either way, let you thoughts go in the comment section

P.S: You can get these organizers via the link to Amazon

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