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by Lit Jack August 06, 2020 4 min read

Tired of Messy and cluttered desk?

Always misplacing your pen and stationery?

Then here are 11 desk organization ideas for you!

They'll keep your desk

Neat & Organized

Make it really easy to find things

Improve work productivity and reduce stress!


1. Desk Supplies Organizer

Have a messy desk and looking to organize your pens, pencils and your office supplies?

Look no further!

This desk organizer is perfect for keeping all your stationery in one place!

Here's what i like about this organizer:

  • It has 9 individual Compartments
  • It's Compact and doesn't add clutter to my desk
  • I can see everything & find what i need faster

Love it?

Get this organizer over here ($17.95)


2. Detachable Socket Holder

Messy cables and power sockets lying around?

Check out this socket holder!

It instantly mounts your power sockets on the wall to keep the underneath part of your desk neat and tidy.

What i love about this organizer:

  • Strong adhesive tapes makes it easy to install
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Strong enough to hold photo frames

If you want to finally get rid of the clutter underneath your desk...

Buy it from here ($15.98)


3. Drawer Divider

Have messy drawers that is impossible to navigate?

Want to customise your own drawer partitions?

Try these!

These divider helps you create sections within your drawers to keep your stationary separate from your clips and office supplies.

that way you'll never have trouble finding the things you want!

Some cool features of this dividers:

  • Can be cut to create your own sections
  • Easy to install
  • Great for organizing other areas of your home

Love them?

Get these drawer dividers here ($14.95)


4. Desk Organizer for Stationary

Is your desk or drawers cluttered with pens, markers and pencils?

No worries!

These stationery organizers are amazing!

Don't judge them by their size because they can actually hold LOTS of pens and pencils!

Here's what my friends like about this organizer:

  • It makes finding your pens and pencil really easy
  • The Deep pockets can hold alot of stationary
  • They are cute and beautiful

Beautify and organize your desk today!

Get them here ($12.95)


5. Multi-Layered Desk Organizer

Looking for an organizer that is modern looking and durable?

Well today you're in luck!

These smart organizer lets you stack your documents and items vertically and is super easy to set up!

Here's why this organizer is like no other:

  • Smooth corners without sharp edges
  • An Open Shelf that Works like a Drawer 
  • Fits perfectly on any kinds of desk

If you are looking for a desk kit that'll organize your office supplies and still looks good, you should definitely try it!

Get this amazing organizer here ($28.85)


6. Keep Those Cables Organized

if you have cables that you use frequently and want to keep them within reach...

Try these!

They comes with adhesive and can be instantly installed anywhere on your desk.

Plus, they make your desk look so much organized keep frequently used charging cables within reach.

Like them?

Get these cable organizers here (starting $3.98)


7. Standing Document Organizer

Frustrated with organizing folder with no labels and are hard to navigate?

Here's the standing document organizers that we love

This standing organizer comes with 12 document pockets that can be labelled.

That way you'll be able to quickly find the letter or paper you need

Also, they come in 3 amazingly beautiful colors that'll match your office desk

Get these document organizers here ($18.95)


8. Mesh Organizer with Drawer

Looking for a mesh desk organizer that holds your notebook, stationery and office supplies?

This desk organizer comes with 5 compartments that can be used to hold all kinds of office supplies.

Here's what i like about this organizer:

  • It's compact and portable
  • It can store literally everything i need
  • Open concept makes it easy to find things 

Plus, It has a sleek and versatile look, making it a good fit for most desk.

if you are looking for an all in 1 organizer I highly recommend you get this

Buy it here ($23.95)


9. Utilise Space on the Wall

Looking to install organization shelf on the the side of your desk?

This strong double adhesive will help you do just that without drilling your furniture!

They retain their adhesive power even when you peel it off

The best part?

This nano tape can be washed and reused in another location

And i really liked how it doesn't leave residues behind when you take it off!

Get a roll of these adhesives here ($12.95)


10. Keep Small Objects Underneath the Table

Don't want to see your stationery all over the place but would love to keep them near your desk?

Try these underneath the desk drawers!

These organizers can be installed under any desk to store your stationery and smaller office supplies.

Here's why we love them:

  • They keep everything hidden, making your desk look super neat
  • They work just like a drawer
  • Can be installed anywhere in any position

Love them?

You may get them over here ($12.99)


11. The All in One Desk Organizer

If you are Looking for a desk organizer that does not cause clutter...

Or If you have lots of pens, markers and small accessories

Then, this wooden desk organizer is the perfect solution for you!

It is compact and not too bulky,

has deep slot for storing your stationery and office supplies

meaning you get to store lots of stuffs without adding clutter

Plus, it comes with a drawer for storing your personal items

Get this organization desk here($34.95)


Now i would like to hear from you!

Which organizer was your favourite?

Was it the mesh desk organizer?

The layered desk organizer?

Anyways do check these cool desk organizers out

P.S: Use HWF10 for a 10% discount of these items

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