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by Lit Jack August 28, 2020 3 min read

If your fridge is cluttered with food packages and containers

Or if you are looking for that extra storage space

Then you're in luck today!

Here are 11 Organizers for your fridge's interior & exterior that'll

  • Clear up the mess inside your fridge
  • Add storage space to a small kitchen
  • Turn your fridge into an artwork

Let's dive right in!


1. Instant Fridge Drawers

If you have a small refrigerator and you feel the need to maximize all possible space.

Or, if your fridge is always cluttered and need some organization

Then, here's a genius solution for you!

These are essentially drawers that you can install inside your fridge instantly!

They are easy to setup, sturdy and require no installation work.

Plus, the see through design lets you see what's inside the fridge instantly.

Instant Fridge Drawers 


2. Keep Those Beverage Cans Organized

If you have lots of beverage cans in the fridge and it's starting to get messy, then you should consider a lazy susan.

Not any lazy susan, but a double decker!

This keeps your fridge neat and also makes it easy to find the beverage you want.

Classic Lazy Susan


3. Store Stuffs On the Fridge Walls

Can't decide where to keep your kitchen towels, seasoning bottle and utensils?

This ultra strong magnet shelf installs instantly onto your fridge to free up space on your countertop.

Use it for kitchen cloth, kitchen towel, oil bottle, sauce bottle, spatula, scissors, hangable kitchen accessories, magazine, spray bottle and more!

Magnetic Fridge Shelf


4. Sort Your Produce

Ever had produce rotting at the back of the fridge for weeks?

Or, do you have trouble finding things because your fridge is just too cluttered?

Then, look no further!

Use storage containers like these to help sort things out and keep them easy to find.

It lets you see what you have and what is at the back of the fridge without digging through the fridge.

Clear Containers with Large Handles


5. Store Your Spices On The Fridge

The fridge side is probably the most under utilised area in your kitchen.

So why not use them to store some spices?

These leak proof spice jar have built in magnets at the bottom, making it super easy to close and store.

Stick it next to your microwave oven or any thing iron!

Magnetic Spice Jars


6. Store Your Cookbooks & Small Items

If you like to have cookbooks in the kitchen, then you might consider using a hanging basket like this.

It installs on the sides of your fridge or on any smooth surface to instantly give you shelf for your cookbooks and magazines.

The adhesive included are strong and reliable.

Magazine & Cookbook Hanger


7. Soda Can Organizer

Looking to save more space in your refrigerator and keep track of how many can of soda or beer you have?

This unique shelf is angled for automatic stowing of soda cans.

Use this fridge organizer to store soda cans in your fridge, cabinet or pantry.

You might even use them for canned food if you like.

Soda Can Organizer


8. Keep Your Produce Fresh & Organized

These special containers let you soak your produce then let them drain dry while in the fridge.

That way you don't have to wait till they dry before storing.

Produce Storage Box


9. Saran Wraps & Spice Bottle Organizer

Here's a kitchen organizer that doesn't take up space while adding tons of storage space!

It installs via 4 suction cups, 2 at the top and 2  on the front, giving it the sturdiness to hold just about everything!

Easy Install Fridge Shelf


10. The Container For Dry Food Storage


Airtight Food Containers


11. Extendable Fridge Baskets

Does your fridge need extra space and some organization?

This hanging fridge organizer adds extra space to your refrigerator by latching onto the partitions.

They can be extended when more space is needed.

Organize your fruits & vegetables, eggs, snack bars and smaller objects so your fridge doesn't look cluttered with things.

Hanging Organizer for Fridge and Table


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