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by Lit Jack August 28, 2020 4 min read

If you have a small kitchen with little counter space

And If you are looking to add space without adding the clutter

Then, in this post, you'll find 15 sink organizers that'll

  • Give you more storage space
  • Let's you finish the dish work faster
  • Keep your sink neat and organized

Let's dive right in!


1. Adaptable Under The Sink Organizer

If you have cookwares, kitchenware or cleaning products, you probably keep them under the sink.

But here's the issue

It can be hard to add layered racks underneath the sink because of the pipes and space constraints.

But luckily there is a clever solution

This retractable organizing rack lets you:

  • Move the partition where you want it,
  • Adjust the heights of each partitions
  • Change the length of the entire rack

You'll get to keep more things under your sink without adding clutter

Under the Sink Organizer


2. Extendable Stainless Steel Colander

Do you need extra space on your sink while being able to drain dishes and produce dry?

Then, this extendable sink organizer might just be for you! 

It will sit perfectly on any kitchen sink and can be extended from 13.9" to 20.4" when you need to dry more dishes.

You can use it drain your fruits and vegetables dry after washing, dry your dishes and utensils or simply use it to store them!

Extendable Sink Storage Rack


3. Stainless Steel Faucet Shelf

Looking for space to store your sponge, soap and detergent?

This faucet shelf is the perfect tool to help you organize your sink!

It installs on all types of faucet by tightening - no drill or special attachments needed!

Use the shelf to store sponge, soap bottle, scrubber and hang your kitchen accessory.

You may use these in your bathroom under the shower head to hold your shampoo and soap.

Faucet Shelf


4. Expandable Dual Tier Shelf

If you have small cabinets and you are looking for ways to store more things

Then this shelf will double your space instantly!

It lets you store your heavier pots at the bottom and not have to stack them

The best parts?

They can be extended to fit cabinets of any size

They are really sturdy and can hold heavy pots

They keep your cabinet organized so it's easier to find things

Love it?

Expandable Dual Tier Rack


5. Foldable Chopping Board With Colander

This 2 in 1 colander helps you wash your produce after cutting them and drain dry.

it is essentially a colander and a chopping board

Plus, a container for your countertop...

There is a water drainage plug at the bottom that you can activate when draining water

Foldable Colander & Chopping Board


6. Punch Free Sink Organizer

If you are looking to keep your sponge clean and dry at all times,

You'll need a mesh type holder like this

It essentially prevent water from collecting, speeding up the speed at which you sponge dries.

The best part?

It does not require drilling to install, strong adhesives are provided to ensure that it stays on forever.

Punch Free Sink Organizer


7. Triangular Sink Basket

If you want to dispose your soup that has chunky ingredients in them but don't want to clog up your sink

Try this!

It filters out food pieces before it has any chance of clogging up the sink

You can even use this strainer as a holder for your sponge, brushes and detergent bottles.

Get Your Triangular Strainer Here


8. Over The Sink Dish Rack

This is a heavy duty organizing rack that lets you drain your dishes, produce, utensils and kitchen accessories over the sink.

It also adds space you wouldn't otherwise have, making it excellent for small kitchens.

Over The Sink Dish Rack


9. Retractable Eco Friendly Colander

Need more space on your sink?

Want to drain dry your produce and dishes?

Try These!

It is expandable, making it a suitable fit for any sink size

Has holes on the bottom to effectively drain dry your produce

Eco Friendly Retractable Colanders


10. Stainless Steel Sponge Holder

If you like minimalist organizers, here's one

It is a punch free stainless steel holder for your sponge.

Adhesives included, It is sturdy, never rust and is a beautiful addition to your sink

Punch Free Stainless Steel Sponge Holder


11. Folding Waste Bin

Dispose trash conveniently whenever you are washing your ingredients in the sink

This folding trash bin can be hung on the cabinet doors right in front of the sink and folded when not in use to save space.

Get Your Folding Bin Here


12. Collapsible Drying Basket

If you have a small sink and like to leave your frequently used utensils and plates near the sink.

Then, you might like this


It lets you segment and organize your different utensils while providing good drainage.

Moves around the kitchen easily as well!

Collapsible Dish Rack With Drainage 


13. Stainless Steel Caddy For Sink

Have a dual sink and need a mesh basket to hold your sponge, detergent and brush?

This sturdy stainless steel mesh basket will hold all your sink necessities all in one place.

No installation required!

Just hang them over the wall between the two sinks

Hanging Sink Basket


14. Soap Dispensing Sponge Caddy

Is your soap always getting onto the countertop when dispensing?

Here's a genius solution!

This special soap dispenser will dispense the right amount of detergent, saving you money and keeping your counter clean

The modern sleek look, makes it a beautiful addition to your kitchen sink.

Soap Dispensing Sponge Caddy


15. Dual Layer Steel Rack 

his dual layer storage rack is the perfect organizer for small cabinets.

It instantly creates storage space by enabling stacking of food containers, pots and pans.

And yes, it is heavy duty.

Get Dual Tier Storage Rack


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