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by Lit Jack September 04, 2020 4 min read


A small and cluttered bathroom can dampen your mood

And sometimes make you frustrated because you can't find what you need when you're in a rush.

So here are 13 bathroom organizers that'll

  • Increase storage space
  • Make your bathroom look spacious
  • Keep things neat & organized

So you'll never have to struggle to find things again!

Let's get started


1. All In One Makeup Organizer

If your counter is cluttered with cosmetics bottles, then it could be time to start organizing.

Consider a makeup organizer to keep all your bathroom necessities and bottles in one place.

It makes it easier to find what you need fast.

Get All in 1 Bathroom Makeup Organizer


2. Bathroom Cabinet Door Basket

No more running out of space for oddly shaped items and going under the sink to grab your hair dryer!

This multifunctional cabinet basket lets you hang your electronic items, and organize any items that you frequently use.

Cabinet Hanging Organizer


3. Double Tier Bathroom Organizing Rack

If your countertop is cluttered and you need a way to keep things organized.

Then, look no further!

This dual layer mesh tray provides ample space for all your bottles and frequently used items.

Here's why we love them:

  • It does not collect water
  • It looks great on any countertops
  • Sturdy and easy to put together

Plus, you can use them in your kitchen or craft room too!

Get Double Tier Organizing Rack


4. Use A Triangular Organizer

The corners of your countertop are the best place to store your stuffs!

So add one of these drill free corner shelves to hold your toiletries, shampoo bottles and loofah.

Wall Mounted Corner Shelf


5. All Purpose Punch Free Bathroom Hooks

Need to hang your bathroom towel, loofah, bath brush or clothes?

Here's a quick fix...

These sturdy and reliable hooks installs on any smooth surface instantly with the built in adhesives.

Plus, they looks good on any bathroom walls!

Get Stainless Steel Bathroom Hook


6. Rustic Wood Wall Shelves For Your Toilet

Looking for extra storage space as well as decorating your bathroom?

How about these?

For these, you do need to drill, they are sturdy and adds a feel good component to your bathroom so it might be worth the effort!

The lower shelf lets you hang your bathroom towel.

Get Rustic Wood Wall Shelves (set of 2)


7. Expandable & Stackable Shelves

Out of space on your counter?

Not a problem! Just use a shelf unit like this one

These shelves lets you stack your items, keeping them neat and organized.

Retractable Bathroom Shelf


8. The Drill Free Mop Hangers

A good way to save space in the home is to hang the mop in the bathroom

Here's how:

They are sturdy and reliable hooks installs on any smooth surface instantly with the adhesives provided.

Get Drill Free Mop Holder


9. Rotating Bathroom Shelf

Looking to protect your makeup products or bathroom accessories from accidental splashes?

Give these corner bathroom shelves a try!

It is essentially a rotating drawer for storing your bathroom accessories that'll will keep your countertop free from clutter.

Love it?

Get the Corner Shelf


10. Punch Free Mesh Basket

If you have a small bathroom and you need an all in 1 holder without breaking your wall

Then, this fits the description perfectly!

It installs on any smooth surface to give you a sturdy shelf that holds almost every bathroom items you have.

Here's why everyone is loving this shelf:

  • Does not accumulate water
  • Automatically Air Dry
  • Holds a lot of bathroom items

Available in black and white to suit your bathroom theme

Get Punch Free Bathroom Mesh Basket With Hook


11. Organize your Bath Towel

If you have people living together, then you probably have multiple towels too!

Wet, cluttered tends to develop smell and worst of all, bacteria!

This multi arms towel holder can be rotated freely to keep all the wet towels separate so that, they dry faster.

Hang more towels and say goodbye to damp smelly towel that do not dry.

Get 5 Arm Towel Organizer


12. Shower Head Organizer

Love to have your shampoos and bath brush near while you shower?

Try this amazing shower rack!

It uses the principle of clamping to secure itself to the shower stem

Adjust it to your desired height whenever.

Get Shower Head Shelving


13. Triangular Corner Shelf

Looking to utilise the corners of your bathroom?

These stainless steel shelves gives you extra space to keep frequently used items off the counter.

Here's why they are great:

  • They do not collect water
  • Looks beautiful in most bathrooms
  • Rust and Corrosion Free

If you're looking for this extra storage space in the bathroom then, i definitely recommend these shelves!

Get Triangular Corner Shelf


Now i would like to hear from you!

Which organizer was your favorite?

Was it the mesh desk organizer?

The layered desk organizer?

Anyways do check these cool desk organizers out if you like them!

P.S: Use HWF10 for a 10% discount of these items

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