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by Lit Jack September 09, 2020 2 min read


If you have trouble finding stuffs in the cabinet.

And your cabinet is cluttered and out of storage space despite organizing them last week...

Then, this article is perfect for you!

Here's why you should organize your upper cabinets:

  • You'll save time looking for things
  • Never lose your things again
  • Simplify meal planning and grocery shopping

If organizing is your thing, then you're going to enjoy this post!

Remember to read part 2 if you find this useful.


Step 1: Declutter & Decide Where to Keep What

Start by removing everything from the cabinet and place them on the counter, removing any items you don't need.

Wipe the empty cabinet shelves with a good all purpose cleaner, and decide on the placements.

In general, here's how to organize the upper cabinets

  • Spice & Seasoning Bottle are stored near the prep area but away from the stove and oven.
  • Bowls, Dishes, Mugs & Wine Glass in one cabinet
  • Packaged Foods away from the stove (if you don't have a pantry)
  • Storage Containers away from the stove


Step 2: Measure Your Cabinets

Before you start using organizers, you will want to know how much space you have.

Measure and record the depth, height and width of each cabinets

You may want to protect your cabinets from accidental spills and leakage by applying a grease proof, waterproof shelf liner.


Step 3: Utilise the Vertical Space

No matter what you store in your upper cabinets, you will always want to utilise the vertical space.

Under Shelf basket can be use to hold your plates, mugs and kitchen items.

Use it inside the cabinet...

Or on the bottom.

Undershelf Hooks can also be handy for hanging mugs in the cabinet or hanging utensils on the bottom of the cabinet.

Here's how you can use it inside the cabinet.

And... Outside the cabinet.


Step 4: Keeping Your Dinnerwares Organized

For storing dinnerwares, dual layer shelves like these will instantly give you more storage space and lets you separate the plates from the bowl and so on.

Here's another stackable rack that is expandable 


Step 5: Organizing Your Stemwares

If you have tall cabinets, then this under shelf stemware rack will help to make full use of storage space.

Plus, it'll protect your glass and provide easy access.

If you have lots of stemwares, the dual tier might be perfect.

Enjoying it so far?

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    Thanks, I like the ideas.
    Thanks, I like the ideas.

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