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by Lit Jack August 28, 2020 4 min read

Messy overstuffed cabinet?

Tired of searching for the right spice in your cupboard?

Yes, it can be frustrating!

So, here are 11 spice organization ideas that:

  • Makes it easy to find things
  • Declutter your cabinet once and for all
  • Turn You into an organization PRO

Let's dive right in!


1. Adjustable Spice Rack

This amazing spice rack lets you adjust it's width and length according your the dimensions of your cabinet!

With 3 layers, you can be sure you have enough space for all your spice bottles.

Plus, It's sturdy design lets you store up to 40 small bottles per rack.

So, whether you have small or big cabinet, tall or short, this spice rack will fit in perfectly

Adjustable Spice Rack for Cabinet


2. Punch Free Spice Shelf

Here's a stainless steel spice rack that will hold your spice and seasoning bottles above the counter!

It installs on any smooth surface and can bear up to 40 lbs in weight!

Plus, it has a kitchen towel holder at the bottom.

The best part? 

The entire shelf can be removed for maintenance and then put back onto the wall without installing again.

Punch Free Spice Rack With Towel Holder


3. The Classic Lazy Susan

To organize cylinder shaped items like spice bottles, seasoning and oil bottles, you need a lazy susan.

This spinning tray makes it easy to find that spice bottle very quickly

Use them in your fridge, cabinet or countertop or bathroom for all your bottles

Available in Single Deck and Double Deck

Classic Lazy Susan


4. Magnetic Spice Jar

The fridge side is probably the most under utilised area in your kitchen.

So why not use them to store some spices?

These leak proof spice jar have built in magnets at the bottom, making it super easy to close and store.

Stick it next to your microwave oven or any thing iron!

Magnetic Spice Jars


5. The Cool Sliding Spice Rack

How about a drawer like experience when it comes to spice organization?

This sliding spice rack just makes it so much fun when it come to organizing your spice bottles

Sliding & Rotating Spice Drawer


6. Spice Organizer For Drawers

Here's how you can keep your spice bottles organized in the drawer without them rolling around like a ball.

Spice Organizer For Drawers


7. Store Spice Bottle On Cabinet Doors

If you love opening your cabinet to a wonderful organized collection of spices,

Then, this punch free spice holder is perfect for you!

You can even cut them into individual clips and customize it the way you want!

Spice Bottle Holders For Cabinet Doors


8. Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Looking for an extra large spice rack?

Check this out

This Large and Spacious Spice Racks is designed to:

  • Hold large amount of items
  • Reduce the number of shelves you need
  • Be Sturdy and Durable

Two methods of installation, sealant fix and screw sets provided

Get your spice rack here


9. Microwave Oven Shelf For Your Seasonings

Want to add more space to your countertop, make your kitchen look modern and beautiful?

And keep all your spice bottles where they are frequently used?

This luxurious microwave oven shelf stores your seasoning bottles, kitchen appliances, hang your utensils and chopping board.

Extendable Microwave Oven Shelf


10. Push Cart Spice Organizer

If you have gaps between your fridge and cabinet or countertop, you can try this!

It is essentially a drawer that you can use to store your seasoning and spice bottles.

The best part?

It is very compact and doesn't take up space at all!

Kitchen Push Cart


11. Lazy Susan With Fence

Is it hard to find the seasoning bottle you need while cooking?

Use one of these spinning tray to quickly find the sauce or seasoning you need without having to pour out the entire cabinet.

Use it in your kitchen cabinet or countertop for oil bottle, sauce bottles, seasoning bottles.

You might also use it for your bathroom to organize your serum, face cream, facial wash and more

Lazy Susan with Fence


12. Rustic Style Spice Shelf

Looking for a matching wall mounted shelf for your farmhouse kitchen?

Made of the best paulownia wood, these shelves will decorate your kitchen and bathroom while adding storage space.

They come in a set, 1 with towel hanger and 1 without.

Love this?

Wall Mounted Rustic Spice Shelf


13. Spice & Saran Wrap Mesh Basket

Here's a kitchen organizer that doesn't take up space while adding tons of storage space!

It installs via 4 suction cups, 2 at the top and 2  on the front, giving it the studiness to hold just about everything!

Easy Install Fridge Shelf


BONUS: 3 Tier Spice Organizer

Always rummaging through the cabinet to find that spice bottle that seemed to have disappeared?

I've been there and that was why i got this!

With this spice organizer, i can finally find what i need at a glance.

It also keeps your cabinet neat & tidy 

3 Tier Spice Organizer


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