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by Lit Jack August 28, 2020 4 min read


If you have a small kitchen

You can't seem to find storage space

And your kitchen just seems cluttered all the time...

Then, in this post, you'll discover 11 amazing kitchen organizers that'll

  • Remove the clutter
  • Give You More Storage Space
  • Help You Keep Things Organized

Let's get started!


1. The Instant Cabinet Hooks

Want to hang your mugs and kitchen rag without drilling anywhere near your cabinets?

These cabinet hooks installs by latching onto the cabinet partition, they are made of wrought iron and is very sturdy. 

You may use it on any cabinet or partitions.

Use it to hang your mugs, rag, utensils in the kitchen or use it to hang your handbag, jewelries and more

6 Hooks Kitchen Cabinet Organizer


2. Store & Organize Your Spices

Is it hard to find the seasoning bottle you need while cooking?

Or is your cabinet overstuffed with spice bottles?

Use one of these spinning tray to quickly find the sauce or seasoning you need without having to pour out the entire cabinet.

Use it in your kitchen cabinet or countertop for oil bottle, sauce bottles, seasoning bottles.

You might also use it for your bathroom to organize your serum, face cream, facial wash and more

The Lazy Susan


3. Store Your Chopping Board Away

Looking for a holder that is strong, small and minimalist?

Look no further!

This wall mounted holder lets you store any flat object such as cooking lids, cooking pan and chopping board.

They can be installed with with or without drilling.

Installation tools and instructions provided!

Wall Mounted U Shape Holder


4. Keep Your Spice Bottles Easy To Find

Looking for a way to store your spice bottles without cluttering the cabinet?

These easy to install cabinet spice organizer will free up the clutter.

No more seasoning bottles stacking in front of each other, making it difficult to find the spice you want.

Each row contains 5 clippers, feel free to cut them up if needed.

Spice Organizer for Kitchen Cabinets


5. Use a Push Cart

If you are limited on storage space and need something that can separate your items while keeping them organized...

Then, this narrow push cart might be for you!

It stores all your smaller kitchen items, laundry detergent, toilet rolls and more!

The best part?

It does not clutter your kitchen and acts like a drawer to quickly find what you need.

Get Push Cart here


6. Hang Your Kitchen Towel

Not sure where to hang your kitchen towel?

Can't seem to find the perfect place to store them?

Then, this hanger is made for you!

Here's what i love about them

  • Easy & no Installation needed
  • Sturdy
  • I can hang my clothes too

Like it?

You can get them here: Instant Kitchen Towel Hanger


7. The Amazing Kitchen Organizer

If you looking for space to hang your utensils, and organize your pot lids...

Then, you definitely should check this out!

This expandable organizer has 3 cool functions

  1. It can be used to hang spatulas
  2. It can be used for organize pot lids
  3. And can act as a steamer base

Multifunctional Organizer


8. Rustic Wood Wall Shelves

Looking for a matching wall mounted shelf for your farmhouse kitchen?

Made of the best paulownia wood, these shelves will decorate your kitchen and bathroom while adding storage space.

They come in a set, 1 with towel hanger and 1 without.

Love this?

Rustic Style Shelves (Sets)


9. Storage & Organize Your Plates

Looking for a minimalist solution to storing your plates on the countertop?

This should do the trick!

This small lid organizer drain the dishes dry and keep your countertop looking neat and tidy.

Minimalist Plate Organizer


10. Store Those Cooking Lids Away

Can't stand having all of the lids to your dishes being stacked one on top of the other?

Or, if you are looking for a holder for your baking sheet, cooling rack and cutting board.

Then this Sturdy organizer should do the trick!

Depending on the size of your pan and lid, you can adjust each partition to suit your needs.

Choose from the long and extra long version, depending on the amount of pots you need to store

Plus, they look sleek in your kitchen

Heavy Duty Pan and Lid Organizer


11. Add Shelvings to Your Fridge

Does your fridge need extra space and some organization?

This hanging fridge organizer adds extra space to your refrigerator by latching onto the partitions.

They can be extended when more space is needed.

Organize your fruits & vegetables, eggs, snack bars and smaller objects so your fridge doesn't look cluttered with things.

Hanging Organizer for Fridge and Table


Now I'd like to Hear From You!

Which one of the 11 kitchen organizers do you like most?

Was it the spice organizer?

Or the wall kitchen organizers?

If you liked the post, do share it with someone you think will find useful

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