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by Lit Jack June 28, 2020 5 min read

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I think you would agree with me when i say:

it's tough to keep your kitchen organized! You're always struggling to look for your items and have a hard time finding space.


It turns out that you can add storage space and keep your home organized by using kitchen organizers.

In today's post, i'm going to share 15 kitchen organizer that are great for small kitchens, easy to install and practical.


1. Magnetic Organizer for Your Fridge

Can't decide where to keep your kitchen towels, seasoning bottle and utensils?

This ultra strong magnet shelf installs instantly onto your fridge to free up space on your countertop.

Use it for kitchen cloth, kitchen towel, oil bottle, sauce bottle, spatula, scissors, hang-able kitchen accessories, magazine, spray bottle and more!

Shop Magnetic Fridge Shelf


2. Latch On Cabinet Organizers

Want to hang your mugs and kitchen rag without drilling anywhere near your cabinets?

These cabinet hooks installs by latching onto the cabinet partition, they are made of wrought iron and is very sturdy. 

You may use it on any cabinet or partitions.

Use it to hang your mugs, rag, utensils in the kitchen or use it to hang your handbag, jewelries in your closet.

6 Hooks Kitchen Cabinet Organizer


3. Under the Sink Organization Rack

Looking to utilize the space under your kitchen sink?

Look no further!

This extremely flexible organization rack can be extended to fit all types of sink.

Move the partition around to accommodate the position of your pipes and adjust the heights of each layers according to your needs!

Use it to store your pots, pans, colander, plates, kitchen accessories, cookware.

You may use it for your bathroom and countertops

Shop Under The Sink Kitchen Organizer


4. Over The Sink Drying Rack

Wouldn't it be great to dry your dishes directly above the sink so that you don't clutter your countertop with heap of dishes over a drying rag?

This drying does just that! And when you're done with drying the dishes, simply fold it up and store.

No just for drying the dishes, you can also thaw frozen food, wash your produce and use it as a platform for hot pots.

Shop Foldable Drying Rack


5. Over the Sink Dish Organizer

Do you find it hard to make space for dish drying, utensils storage?

This is a heavy duty organizing rack that lets you drain your dishes, produce, utensils and kitchen accessories over the sink.

It also adds space you wouldn't otherwise have, making it excellent for small kitchens.

Get Over The Sink Dish Rack


6. Cooking Lid & Cutting Board Holder

Looking to keep your countertop clutter free and get more space?

These wall mounted rack will hold your cooking lids and chopping board without needing to drill the wall or cabinet.

It comes with a super strong adhesive that holds up to 10 lbs.

Shop Wall Mounted Lid Holder


7. Easy Soap Pump

Here's a cool little soap pump that replaces your dish soap bottles and sponge holder which helps to make space on your countertop.

Plus, you'll be saving lots of money because this soap pump will help to prevent over dispensing.

No more unsightly soap bottles lying around with wet sponges in the sink, replace them with this stylish looking soap pump.

Shop 2 in 1 Soap Pump


8. Spice Bottle Organization

Looking for a way to store your spice bottles without cluttering the cabinet?

These easy to install cabinet spice organizer will free up the clutter.

No more seasoning bottles stacking in front of each other, making it difficult to find the spice you want.

Each row contains 5 clippers, feel free to cut them up if needed.

Shop Self Adhesive Spice Holder


9. Hanging Fridge Basket

Does your fridge need extra space and organization?

The hanging fridge organizer adds extra space to your refrigerator by latching onto the partitions.

They can be extended when more space is needed.

Organize your fruits & vegetables, eggs, snack bars and smaller objects so your fridge doesn't look cluttered with things.

Hanging Organizer for Fridge and Table


10. Lazy Susan for Seasoning Bottles

Is it hard to find the seasoning bottle you need while cooking?

Use one of these spinning tray to quickly find the sauce or seasoning you need without having to pour out the entire cabinet.

Use it in your kitchen cabinet or countertop for oil bottle, sauce bottles, seasoning bottles.

You might also use it for your bathroom to organize your serum, face cream, facial wash and more

Shop Lazy Susan With Fence


11. Punch Free Kitchen Shelves

If you have a kitchen theme that would go well with black shelves, then you might want to consider these

They are essentially the same type of shelf as the previous spice rack but with durable bake coat.

Just like the silver version, they are rustproof and have the same load bearing capacity.

Get Wall Mounted Coated Steel Rack


12. The Kitchen Trash Can that Folds

Keep your countertops free of mess with the folding kitchen trash can

They can be hung on your cabinet doors just beneath your countertop, making it easy to sweep any food pieces without messing up your floor.

Use this trash can on your kitchen drawers , kitchen cabinets, in your car, bathroom, dorm and bedroom.

The folding bin is also designed to stand on the floor and can be used as a regular trash bin.

Shop Folding Trash Can


13. Utensils & Cooking Lid Holder

Always Looking for a place to hold your cooking lid or utensils?

Then you're in luck today!

Simply using one of these ladle holder will keep the sauce and condensation away from your countertops!

It can hold up to 5 utensils and 1 cooking lid for a mess free cooking experience.

Shop Kitchen Counter top Organizer


14. Magnetic Spice Jars

Want a fast and easy way to grab your spices when cooking? Use magnetic spice jar!

Stick them on the sides of your fridge, microwave oven and oven.

Here's an amazing way to use them, just attach them to the top of your cooker hood and grab them whenever you need!


Shop Magnetic Spice Jars


15. Latching Cabinet Basket

Add storage space to your kitchen by using one of these organizing baskets.

It installs by latching onto your cabinet partition and does not affect the closing of your cabinet doors.

This sturdy wrought iron and superior construct allows heavy plates and mug to be hung without buckling or bending.

Use it to hang kitchen towel, utensils, plates, mugs, books magazine, clothes, bath towel and anything that hangs!

Shop Under Shelf Basket With Towel Holder

Shop Under Shelf Basket


Do you Feel Inspired?

Kitchen organizers add space without adding clutter, they help you find your items so you know what you have and what you don't.

Which one is your favorite?

If you liked the product, you may head over to its respective product page to check them out

Also, if you have a friend who might love these organization products

Please share it to them!

Thank you

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September 10, 2020

Thank you for all your tips. I do feel that having all you kitchen gear on show is really a health hazard as a lot of these things don’t get used for weeks at a time and all they do is gather dust. Not nice.

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