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by Lit Jack July 09, 2020 2 min read


If you are looking for a way to keep your kitchen countertops organized and easy to clean.

Especially near the stove area!

Then you will probably find this post useful if not, inspirational

I'm going to share 5 kitchen organizers that you'll can use to instantly declutter your kitchen and have a happier time cooking.


1. Grease Proof Your Kitchen Counter and Stove

Wouldn't it be great to not have to scrub off food stains and grease every time you cook?

Well, i would like to!

Introducing the Grease Proof Kitchen Sticker!

Made of heat resistant stain proof aluminium foil, these sticker can be instantly added to your backsplash and near your stovetops

It protects your countertop and makes it super easy to clean off accidental stains and grease.

Add them wherever you think needs protection from stains and grease.

Aluminium Kitchen Foil Sticker


2. Hang Your Utensils

Instead of leaving your utensils and kitchenware hanging around on your counter.

Hang them!

This 6 hook kitchen organizer lets you hang your spatula, utensils and mugs instantly.

They require no drilling or installation and can be shifted to cabinet to cabinet.

if 6 hooks ain't enough you can try these instead, they are super strong so you don't have to worry about bending and it falling off.

6 Hooks Kitchen Organizer

12 Hooks Kitchen Organizer


3. Keep Your Trash Bin Close

Would you like a trash can that catches your food waste quickly and can be folded and hangs on your cabinet?

I would!

Hang one of these trash can on your cabinet or drawer to dispose your food waste conveniently.

Plus, they can be folded flat to save space when you're not using them

Amazing right?

They can also be used in your bathroom, car, office, living room (yes on the floor!)

Folding Trash Can


4. Make Use of Space on Your Fridge

Instead of having commercials magnet or some random magnet you can make use of the side of your refrigerator.

Here's How...

Simply stick one of these magnetic organizers onto the side of your fridge and you instantly have more space!

Cool eh? I think so too!

They hold your seasoning bottles, kitchen towel, kitchen cloth and utensils, ensuring that your kitchen countertop is clean and tidy...

Yup! You can use it on any iron surface, including your washing machine.

Magnetic Kitchen Organizer


5. Always Keep Your Countertop Clean 

Always Looking for a place to hold your cooking lid or utensils?

Then you're in luck today!

Simply using one of these ladle holder will keep the sauce and condensation away from your countertops!

It can hold up to 5 utensils and 1 cooking lid for a mess free cooking experience.

Kitchen Ladle Holder


Now I'd like to hear from you!

Which one of these kitchen organizers inspired you?

Could it be the magnetic fridge organizer?

Or is it the folding kitchen bin?

Anyways You may leave your thoughts in the comment section below 

Also, you can click on the images on the tile to find the product page in case you're interested!

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October 20, 2020

I really enjoyed your page. I’m working up the energy to re up my kitchen! Any tips on organizing a corner cabinet??? It’s awefuf! Any answer is a good one! Thank you

Marilyn S Goeins
Marilyn S Goeins

October 09, 2020

Are these on Amazon?

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