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by Lit Jack June 30, 2020 3 min read

Ever had a hard time finding what you need in the closet?

Do you quickly run out of space to keep your new clothes?

A neat and well organized closet can set your mood for the day, it lets you know what already have and find that favourite dress easily.

But let's face it... Closet Organization isn't easy

So in this post, i'm going to share with you 11 closet organizers that'll double your closet space and end the clutter for good!


1. Store Bulky Clothes Separately

Just a few bulky clothes is enough to add bulk to your closet and make it looks fuller than it really is

Use this hanging closet organizer to store your sweater, towel and other bulkier garment you might have.

Hanging Closet Organizer


2. Organize your Clothes Hanger

Not enough space in your closet? Not a problem!

Simply add your existing clothes onto this foldable clothes organizer to store your clothing vertically.

it can accommodate up to 9 hangers and it lets you categorize your clothing while staying organized.

Clothes Hanger Organizer


3. Use a Folding Board

No more flipping your clothes pile to find that shirt

Stack your clothes in an organized manner and find the t-shirt you want without having to remove the entire pile.

They prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled, making it great for the luggage bag

Clothes Folding Board


4. Use a Shelf

Shelves are great for storage, but your t-shirt can quickly get mixed with your pants and your shelf can get messy really fast.

Using a dividing shelf like this keeps, the clothing seperate and prevent them from mixing.

Plus, you'll be able to manage higher stacks of clothing.

Closet Organizing Shelf


5. Start Using an Undergarment Organizer

It is REALLY difficult to organize your drawers especially when it comes to undergarment, bra and socks, they are all over the place every time.

Having an undergarment organizer makes the clutter "finally go away"

It keeps things neat and organized because of the separate pocket and helps maximize corner space.

Undergarment Organizer


6. Add A Shelf!

There might be areas in your closet that you can't use because there are no partitions

This extendable drill free shelf can be added to instantly add more space without needing to create permanent shelves.

Drill Free Extendable Shelf 


7. Stack Your Shoes

If your cabinet or closet is already full of shoes and is so cluttered that you have trouble finding the shoe you want.

Then this stackable shoe organizer will help increase your storage space by 2 times!

The height of these shoe organizers can be adjusted to fit your sneakers, heels, slippers and boots.

Shoe Organizer


8. Collapsible Clothes Rack

Maybe you are looking to add a little bit of space to your closet so you can temporarily hang clothes you need.

Here's a wall mounted collapsible hanger that you can use to temporarily hold your clothes then hide it when not in use.

Hidden Clothes Rack


9. Try this Trouser Hanger

If you prefer something sturdy to keep your clothes organized...

then this stainless steel s-shaped hanger will let you hang up to 5 trousers hence replacing 5 other hanger you would have needed.

S-Shaped Trousers Hanger


What do you think?

Which one of these organizers gave you hope?

Which one are you most interested to try?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below

P.S: You can buy these items through the link provided in each tip.


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