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by Lit Jack September 10, 2020 3 min read

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If you plenty of bathroom essential cluttering your counter

Or if you simply need more space in the bathroom

Then, in this post you'll find 13 tips to:

  • Declutter the bathroom
  • Instantly help increase storage space
  • Find things faster and never lose things again

If you are into organizing your home, then you're going to love this post

Let's dive right in!


1. Start By Decluttering

Bring everything out of the sink, and countertop and find a place to lay them out.

But! Before you can organize, you'll need to get rid of things you don't need.

You can use these 4 simple questions to decide if you should keep something, move it out of the bathroom or throw them away,

Do i still use this item?

Use a yes or no approach to this question so you don't end up keeping something you "might..." use later. Generally if you didnt use it for 1 month, it's probably a no.

Is this product still in good condition?

Firstly check if it is expired, then check for smell and ask yourself "do i feel safe to apply this on my skin?" If it's a no, throw it!

Do i still like this item?

Many times we end up buying bathroom decor that we don't like or lose interest or is just adding to the clutter or, beauty products we simply don't use anymore. If you answered no, then its time to get rid of them.

Do i NEED these items?

Many time, we buy more makeup brushes or cosmetics that we actually need. So now it's time to decide if you really need all 40 makeup brushes.

Do the same for your cosmetics, skin care products, hair products, hair brush, perfumes and nail products.


2. Measure & Plan

Before you go shopping for organizers, you want to know how much space you have and have a plan for how to organize your items.

You'll want to measure the width, depth and height of the area under your sink and countertop.

You will want to clean out the area underneath the sink with a multipurpose cleaning and protect them with a shelf liner.


3. Organize the Counter First

By keeping as little item as possible on the counter, you have already won half the battle!

A general rule would be to occupy at most 30% of your counter and leave the remaining as empty space.

This would make organizing simple and your bathroom would feel so much tidier.

If your counter has a corner, consider a covered bathroom shelf to store your products and shield them from moisture.

Having a punch free basket mounted near your sink may be a good way to store your soap products without cluttering the counter.

Remember the 30% rules i spoke about?

If you liked that idea then, this all in 1 bathroom organizer might be perfect for your bathroom counter.

You can simply have one of these on your counter and nothing else, keeping your bathroom really neat.


4. Utilise The Cabinet Doors For Storage Space

You can instantly get so much storage space by using organizers that adheres to or hangs over the door.

Here are some over the cabinet door organizers.

The hanging basket is perfect for utilising the space on the cabinet door where the sink is.

using this basket inside the cabinet will protect your hair dryer from moisture.

This hanging towel rack is perfect for holding towels or cleaning supplies.


5. Use A Shower Caddy

Shower caddies can bring you lots of storage space by utilising the vertical space.

But most shower caddy requires drilling and may not be suitable for rental apartments.

So there are shower caddies designed for easy punch free installation

For the corners, you may use a punch free Large Size Shower Caddy.

If your shower caddy has completely rusted and you need a replacement, try the punch free Stainless Steel Corner Caddy.

Corner is already used up and still need more space?

Try these...

Punch Free Shower Caddy with Hooks for hanging your shower brushes and loofah.

Punch Free Stainless Steel Shower Caddy.

Holds well, does not rust and sturdy.


Enjoying the Article?

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P.S. The next part includes under the sink organization and more ways to maximize storage space in small bathroom 

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