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by Lit Jack September 10, 2020 2 min read


This is part 2 of this blog

No worries! If you have not read it yet, you may do so later

In the previous blog post i talked about:

  • How to Declutter your Bathroom
  • The Most important Place to Declutter First (The Counter)
  • Utilising vertical space 

And in this blog post, i'll be sharing 5 more bathroom organization ideas.

Let's dive right in!


1. Utilise Under The Bathroom Sink 

The underneath of your sink is the perfect place to store toilet paper, basket, towel and more.

And if you are already storing your items in them... Great!

But you can actually maximize storage space by using stackable shelves.

But what if you have odd pipes sticking out and you have trouble adding organizers?

Use a customizable under the sink shelf

With shelves like these, you get to decide where the platform goes and you can avoid the pipes.

Also, if wish to store your shower supplies under the sink, a lazy susan with fence would help


2. Hang Towels From Hooks

Instead of hanging them on towel bars, hanging on hooks makes them dry faster, plus, you'll be able to hang a lot more towels.

Here's a rustic style towel hanger that requires some drill work

And here's the no drill version.

These stainless steel hooks works on any smooth surface that lets you hang your towel and bathroom items instantly.

The best part? You get to decide how far apart these hooks should be installed.


3. Use Clear Acrylic Containers

When you have lots of small items in the bathroom cabinets or under the sink, a see through container with labelling would help!

These easy grab containers can be used under the sink to quickly find your items

Plus, these ready made labelling stickers to label what is inside the box.


4. Use the Space On Your Shower Head

Here's a cool clamping bathroom organizer for those who like to store their shampoo bottles at the shower area.


5. Use a Turntable Cosmetic Tray

Just like a lazy susan, but with vertical storage space so you can just have 1 organizer on your counter and it will feel so much neater.

This turntable cosmetic organizer makes finding things quick and easy.


Now i would like to hear from you!

Which organizer was your favourite?

Was it the mesh desk organizer?

The layered desk organizer?

Anyways, click the button to see the item you liked or contact us if you have any questions

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